12 Ways to Have a Family Fun Night

No school, no homework, long days and fun in the sun

by Anna Dixon | Thu, June 29, 2017

We all know just how exciting summer holidays are for the kids – no school, no homework, long days and fun in the sun. Even though many of us have to work while our little ones are off at summer camp, running around with the neighborhood friends or going on playdates, there’s always time for us to create memories when we return home from work.

This summer, have a go at a few "Family Fun Nights." The idea is to print off the ideas from this list, have the children choose one idea from a bag and use these activities to create new summer memories!

Glow in the dark bowling

Place glow sticks in six tall empty water bottles. Turn out the lights or head outside after sunset and play a few games of fun glow in the dark bowling!

Family lego night

Get out those pesky little blocks and see what you can build. Use your imaginations and create a city, a new form of transportation or even use the Legos to build a replica of what you ate for dinner. Get creative and share this time together.

Fondue night

Choose a cheese, broth or chocolate fondue theme and have the kids plan the menu; cut the veggies, bread or fruit; lay the table and organize individual fondue dipping forks. Have fun with the mess and let them enjoy this family time together!

Movie night popcorn bar

A movie isn’t complete without a bowl of popcorn and why not get creative with our movie snacks? Place out a couple additions like pretzels, M&M’s, marshmallows or raisins and let the kids go to town making their own movie treat. Then all snuggle down for a movie marathon!

Eat UNDER the table for dinner

Yes, it may get messy and you will have to thoroughly clean under there after you’re finished eating, but the kids will absolutely love the unexpected dinner location and they’ll be beaming with excitement for the whole meal.

Backwards Night

Take the lead with this one by entering the room backwards with your shirt, hat and glasses on backwards. Ask the kids to turn the furniture, pictures and toys around and then surprise them with dessert for dinner! Make sure they save room for their pasta "dessert".

Have a family camp-out

Hit the lights, use a flashlight to see and practice telling campfire stories around a few candles. If you have a tent, set it up in the living room and camp-out for the night. If not, bring out blankets, pillows, and even mattresses (if they’re easily moved) and create great family memories together during your camp-out slumber party.

Traveling band jam session

Most of our kids have a number of instrument toys and maybe some of us have our own! Get the kids together, gather all the instruments, put on some music and jam out together. Practice air guitar, lip syncing, air drums and the '80s Hair Metal head flips.

The floor is lava

Tell the little ones that you are about to have a very dangerous adventure. Have the kids dress up in what they think is the most "protective" outfit. Once everyone has gathered, tell them the floor has turned to lava and they must get to safety in Mom and Dad’s bed without touching the floor! Work together to figure out ways to travel around the rooms.

Candy hunt

This one is not your average scavenger hunt for candy. Place 10 candies on a plate for each individual "player." Cover the candy with whipped cream. On the count of three, have each player search for the candy with their hands behind their backs. The first one to find 10 candies wins! This one is bound to conjure up a load of laughs while the kids are getting covered in whipped cream. If you don’t like the kids having too much sugar, switch out the candy for pieces of fruit and swap the cream for natural yoghurt!

Smartphone ABC scavenger hunt

In this day and age, our kids know more about electronics than we do and boy do they love to use our phones. Let the kids go wild with this photo scavenger hunt wherein they must take a photo of one item beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Build a fort

Put the sofas, pillows, sheets and chairs in place and let the kids get creative with their architectural imaginations. Make sure you can see the TV and sit inside your fort to watch a movie.