4 Fun-filled New Year's Eve Ideas for Kids

Party time.

by Michaela Fulton | Wed, December 27, 2017

The holiday fun hasn't stopped just yet, and we're here to help you keep it going.

1. Throw a Noon Year's Eve Party

Kids party

Great for those kids who are a little too young to stay up until midnight, a "Noon Year's Eve" party will ensure they get to experience the fun of celebrating the beginning of a new year without missing out on those important z's.

2. DIY Party Hats

Party Hat

Set up your own craft station at home, and get those kids busy making their very own DIY party hats. Glitter, ribbons and stickers will go a long way and ensure your kids look awesome for the occasion.

3. Year in Review Scavanger Hunt



Print out photos that you have taken throughout the year, arrange them by month taken, and place them all around the house. Let your kids try to collect as many as possible. Not only can they finish with a prize, but you can all sit together and reminisce about the fun had throughout 2017.

4. Time Capsule Questionnaires

Time Capsule


Get your kids to write down some interesting things about themselves – their favorite meal of the year, the best thing that happened to them, and what they would like to do next year to store in a time capsule. These will make for fun little activities that can be opened next New Year's Eve. You can download a free printable here.