5 Great Bike Tours in and Around the City

Get on your bike and explore the city

by SHFamily | Tue, July 04, 2017

ROSH (Ride On ShangHai) is a group that loves to get out and see a different side of Shanghai by bike. If you’re into cycling, and want to see more than the usual cityscape, here are four of their favorite rides that you might like to try. You don’t need to be an expert rider for any of these, but they aren't for the faint of heart, so make sure you're in fairly good shape before taking them on!

ROSH started as a group of four and now they have over 100 riders. They ride every Tuesday night at 8pm, usually departing from Hungry Lung Kitchen on Jiashan Lu or Rooster II on Shaanxi Bei Lu. They welcome anyone with a passion for riding, at any level — the longer rides are better for kids aged 15 and older.


From: Hungry Lung Kitchen

To: The Coast

Distance: 70+ kilometers 

An adventurous ride and great weekend daytrip, Ocean Ride East is a glimpse of life outside the city. In one ride, you’re exposed to a multitude of worlds, from underconstruction overpasses to idyllic riverside villages. Shortcuts abound if you’re willing to carry your bike over a fence here and there. This ride is about the journey more than the destination. The coast itself is a dystopian idea of a beach, just a grey wall with tankers trudging along. Enjoy!


1. From Hungry Lung Kitchen on Jiashan Lu, head East along Fuxing Lu all the way to the Fuxing Ferry and cross the river to Pudong.

2.  After getting off the Fuxing Ferry on the Pudong side, ride to the East side of Century Park, to the bike path running alongside Zhaojiabang Lu and a river.

3.  Take the Zhaojiabang bike path East for about 20km, keeping the river on your right. You’ll pass towns, markets, farms and even a city block of supercomputers. This is where you can sneak some adventurous shortcuts; as long as you’re going East and the river is on your right, you’re good.

4.  Hit the ocean! Snap some pics where concrete meets water.

5.  Head back along the river bike path towards Nanpu Ferry.

6.  On the way, stop by Camel’s Garage at 36 Nanmatou Lu for the best bike service in town, beer on tap and great coffee at your service.

7.  Hang out at Camel’s enjoying the weather, then take the ferry back to Puxi.


From: Rooster II

To: Rooster II

Distance: 30+ kilometers 

Suzhou River Bridges is an interval training night ride. Break a sweat with a view of iconic Shanghai cityscapes: The Bund, French Concession, South Bund and Suzhou Creek, with a hectic zig-zag course back and forth over the bridges along the creek. The scenery is great and the turns are sharp; a nice hill training option in this flat town. If you prefer an easy night ride, just cut out the bridges and this one becomes a cruise.


1.  From The Rooster II on Shaanxi Bei Lu, take Wulumuqi Lu all the way South to South Bund.

2.  Enjoy the calm of South Bund riding east along Longhua Dong Lu all the way to The Bund.

3.  Take The Bund heading north all the way to Suzhou Creek.

4.  Head back west along the Creek, hitting every bridge you pass to crisscross back and forth over the creek. Feel the burn all the way to Shaanxi Lu.

5.  Take Shaanxi Lu back to Rooster for a well-deserved break.


From: BaoYang Port

To: Chongmimg Island Loop

Distance: 120+ kilometers 

The Chongming Island loop is serenity on endless open roads, with plenty of space to pedal for hours. This ride is a two day / one night vacation from the city. You can arrange accommodation in advance, or with one of the many farmhouses offering beds once you arrive. The roads on Chongming are flat and easy and you can take shorter rides on the island if you like. Chongming is an oasis for organic agriculture and sustainability projects, including natural parks and bird sanctuaries. If you’re yearning for purity, this one is for you.


1.  Get your bike to Baoyang Ferry. You can ride there along 40km of industrial road, but we recommend renting a van (which could take you right to Chongming Island as well if you prefer).

2.  From Baoyang Ferry, find your farmhouse accommodation, somewhere central near the Forest Park on the island.

3.  From your farmhouse, head east towards the wetland park on the tip of the island. The wetland park is a fantastic spot for a scenic ride and lunch!

4.  From the wetland park, ride the loop around the perimeter of the island back to your farmhouse. If you want to cut it short, ride your fill and then cut back through the island with a map handy. Be conscious of daylight — there aren’t many streetlights on Chongming, so once it’s dark you’ll have a harder time finding your way home.


From: Hungry Lung Kitchen

To: Liujiazui 

Distance: 30+ kilometers 

This big loop is a night ride introduction to Shanghai. Pass from city center, to suburbs, all the way to sky-scraping Liujiazui. See Shanghai ascend and descend around you, a casual tour for cruising. It sounds a bit complicated with all the turns (and ferry riding) but it’s easy once you get used to it. If you get lost, just follow the towers shining in the night.


1.  From Hungry Lung Kitchen on Yongkang Lu, head north to Suzhou Creek.

2.  Ride along the creek headed east until Henan Lu, then take a staircase-shaped route heading north and east from Haining Lu, to Wusong Lu, to Siping Lu, all the way finally to Wujiaochang Circle. Never mind the details, just get to Wujiaochang Circle.

3.  From Wujiaochang Circle, do another complex series of turns from Songhu Lu, to Zhayin Lu, to Jungong Lu, until finally you hit Ludukou Ferry. Basically, as long as you get to the ferry you’re OK.

4.  Take the Ludukou Ferry to Pudong, and when you get off, take Jiangxinsha Lu to Datong Highway.

5.  Take Datong Highway to Pudong Lu, and Pudong Lu heading south down to Lujiazui area

6.  Ride around Lujiazui, enjoying the riverside park areas and staring up at the towers looming overhead.

7.  Take the closest ferry back to the Puxi side and ride home.


From: Rooster II

To: Sheshan Park

Distance: 80+ kilometers 

Sheshan Distance is a daytime endurance ride ending with a scenic mountain reward. Open roads are cyclist friendly, urban/ industrial the whole way, ending with a little climb and great view. You can do this one fast or at a leisurely pace, hit your stride and enjoy.


1.  From Rooster II, head south to Yan’an Elevated Road.

2.  Take Yan’an heading west, and keep going as it becomes G318 highway or the Huqingping Highway — this is your long flat stretch to crunch steady k’s.

3.  At Jiaosong Zhong Lu and a bunch of outlet stores, turn south onto S224.

4.  Keep heading south until you see Happy Valley park on your right, and turn right onto Linyin New Lu, which takes you through Happy Valley, sculpture park, and water park, etc.

5.  Wiggle around all this park area to Sheshan National Forest Park with a map handy.

6.  Turn into the park and ride around the hill and maybe climb the mountain by foot to see the scenic church at the top, before heading back.