5 Places to Spot the Cherry Blossoms

The only list you need.

by Parents and Kids | Mon, March 26, 2018

We've compiled a list of the best places in the city to spot the seasonal, and truly beautiful blossoms that flower from March to mid-April. Set aside a little time to take in some of the natural beauty that Shanghai has to offer.

Plum Blossoms Shanghai Haiwan Forest Park

The city’s annual plum blossoms festival held every March has officially kicked off in Haiwan Forest Park, and is scheduled to run until the end of the month. Within the grounds of the park is a 2,000-acre Plum Blossoms Garden that holds up to 126 different species and over 40,000 trees – a true sight to behold during the blossoms’ peak blooming period, i.e. now.

Other notable viewing spots: Century Park, Shanghai Botanical Garden

Where: 1677 Suitanghe Lu, FEngxian District

When: Until the end of March

Peach Blossoms – Nanhui Peach Blossom Village

The Nanhui Peach Blossoms Village is the biggest peach blossoms garden in the city, stretching over 500 acres, among which 360 acres are dedicated to the blossoms themselves, and plays host to Shanghai’s yearly peach blossoms festival (this year’s is scheduled to kick off at the end of March, according to their website).

Other notable viewing spots: Nanhui Datuan Peach Blossoms Park, Shanghai Longhua Martyrs’ Cemetery

Where: 289 Beimen Lu, Huinan Town, Nanhui District 南汇区惠南镇北门路289号

When: End of March to end of April

Cherry Blossoms Gucun Park

Cherry blossoms are synonymous with Japan; and the country takes advantage of this, with hotels and flight prices skyrocketing during the sakura season. For those of us that can't really afford a trip to Japan, fret not as Shanghai's Gucun Park, the largest cherry blossoms park in the city, is a great local option. There are thousands of trees, spread out across 28 different species, covering everything from the early to the late bloomers. They also play host to the annual Shanghai Cherry Blossoms Festival, which will be running from mid-March to mid-April.

Other notable viewing spots: Tongji University, Shanghai Botanical Gardens

Where: 4788 Hutai Lu, Baoshan District

When: March and April

Tulips Shanghai Flower Port

The Shanghai Flower Port turns into a veritable mini Holland every spring by way of their annual Tulip Viewing Festival that normally runs for around a month. On display are 500 different species of blooms, and 3.2 million buds that consist not only of tulips, but also hyacinths, anemones, roses, wisteria, and more. It’s a little removed from the city center, but worth making a trip out there over the weekend to take in all the colors and greenery.

Where: 2 Zhendong Lu, Pudong New Area

When: March and April

Canola Flowers – Zhuanghang Town

Zhuanghang Town in Fengxian District holds some of the country’s prettiest canola fields. During the warm months of spring, 3,000 acres of land explode into a sea of gold, making for a very cheerful and picturesque backdrop. The town is also known for their honey pears and rice crop, making them something of an agricultural mecca.

Other notable viewing spots: Chongming Dongtan Wetlands Park, Chongming Yangtze Modern Agricultural Base

Where: 289 Beimen Lu, Huinan Town, Nanhui District

Where: Zhuangliang Lu & Nanzhuang Lu, Pandian Village, Zhuanghang Town, Fengxian District

When: March and April