7 Apps and Programs To Keep Kids Safe Online

by Parents and Kids | Tue, September 19, 2017

The Internet can be a scary place, with your children only a few clicks away from all of the web’s content. Though teaching your kids safe internet usage requires much more than simply blocking them from a few websites, here are a few applications that allow you to better monitor your children’s mobile and web usage. 

1. Norton Family Premier

The Norton Family Premier plan allows you to web-filter, app-monitor, location-track and block specific texts and calls on their children’s phones and works on up to 10 devices. The app works best for Android mobile devices, as iOS contains features that prevent careful monitoring. Not only is this app great for teaching safe Internet usage, it also helps create healthy habits for the future! 

Price: $49.99/year (approx ¥ 330)

Compatibility: Best with Android and Windows PC, limited iOS

2. PhoneSheriff

The PhoneSheriff monitoring app allows for text monitoring, location tracking, and app management. You can manage up to three mobile devices and block particular apps you don’t want the kids using. In addition, all incoming and outgoing texts messages are monitored and may be blocked, time limits are app-specific and photo logs are recorded. The application does not allow for social media monitoring and is not the best at monitoring web browsing, but the tradeoff for the other functions is worth it.

Price: $89/year (approx ¥600)

Compatibility: Best with Android, Blackberry, limited iPhone and iPad

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3. ESET Parental Control 

This application allows for fast location tracking services, unlimited number of device monitoring, web filtering, time limits and app-management. Parents are also able to send their children priority messages that must be viewed, and age-restrict certain websites, but you won’t be able to monitor social networks. ESET Parental Control was specifically designed for Android so is best for non-Apple users. 

Price: $29.99/year (approx ¥200)

Compatibility: Android

4. Quostodio

Quostodio is a great application for monitoring usage in a household of Android, Mac, PC and iOS users. Though web-filtering and location-tracking services are limited, the ability to set time limits on specific apps and monitor text messages, blocking questionable texts and calls, truly shines.  

Price: $49.95/year (approx ¥330)

Compatibility: Android, Macs, PCs, and select iOS

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5. Net Nanny

With the Net Nanny app, you are able to set time filters, block specific apps, and web filter one device. A highlight is that the web filtering function masks profanity and other inappropriate content with the additional option of warning your child rather than immediately blocking the site. There is no function that allows for limited time usage per app, location tracking, or text message monitoring. However, at this price, parental online monitoring has never been more accessible.

Price: $12.99/year (approx ¥90)

Compatibility: Android, Windows, Mac, limited iOS

6. Mobicip

Mobicip is great for its compatibility with multiple types of devices. You can communicate with your child online when they request access to blocked sites, as well as monitor app usage. The app regularly sends you your child’s browsing history and can override access requests. Mobicip allows monitoring of up to five devices, so everyone in the family is protected.

Price: $39.99/year (approx ¥ 260)

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, Chromebook, Mac, Kindle, and Nook

7. ParentKit

The ParentKit monitoring app allows supervision of multiple devices and easy installation and use. Parents can create a schedule for their kids to follow in regards to mobile usage with the device lock function. However, with parental monitoring apps for iOS, there are several drawbacks such as the inability to monitor calls and social media browsing, or to GPS locate their child’s device. This application is not the most vetted of the ones on the list, but it gets the job done.

Price: $39.99/year (approx ¥ 260)

Compatibility: iOS