All The Tips You Need to Create Neon Artwork and Win!

Join us for some artistic fun!

by SHFamily | Thu, October 19, 2017

Parents & Kids' annual Art Competition is here! If you are interested in joining our art competition, and are having a difficult time deciding how to create your own neon art – don’t worry! We're going to be laying out some starting points to help.

First, brainstorming always helps to generate and build on ideas. So, get together with your kids and have a think about the following questions:

1. What comes to mind first when you think of a Neon Zoo?

2. What elements do I want to include in my artwork?

3. What materials do I want to use for my Neon Zoo?

Finished brainstorming, and looking for more tips to help you answer those questions?

Next, we have a video tutorial!

Biss Puxi

Head of Art, Rhian Dixon and art student Stella Oepts from British International School Shanghai, Puxi, will guide your kids in the right direction when coming up with some ideas to help them win!

Don't hesitate to click on the video below to get some answers!

After watching the video, have you and your kids thought of some more ideas? We can't wait to see what artwork you'll be sharing with us.


Now, what about the tools needed to create their next masterpiece? We've rounded up a list of recommended places where you can find all the art materials they need to be inspired further:

Shanghai Culture Commercial Centre

(355 Fuzhou Lu, near Shaanxi Lu. Open 9am-5:30pm daily)

Basic materials like brushes, paints and canvases.

Shanghai Jinni Arts and Stationery Store

(480 Fuzhou Lu, near Hubei Lu. Open 9am-8:30pm)

High quality imported items.

Ken Fine Papers

(337 Fuzhou Lu, near Shanxi Lu. Open 9am-6pm Monday to Friday; 10am-5pm Sunday)

Japanese paper with ornate prints, rafias paper, kozo paper and rice paper.

The Fuyou Gift Market

(427 Fuyou Lu, near Henan Lu. Open 6:30am-5:30pm)

Great beads, ribbons, sequins and lots of decorative crafty stuff that kids love.

Is your kid thinking of making a neon painting or neon hand crafts? Join the Neon Zoo Art competition to show off their creativity and talents, don’t let their ideas slip away! For registration and competition details, please extract the QR Code below. 

Neon Zoo

A big thank you goes to British International School Shanghai, Puxi for their support!

Application Deadline: November 5th 2017

Voting: Due on November 7th 2017

Age groups: Under 10 years and 10~16 years

Artwork Requirements:

All artwork must contain neon paint or other light materials (in order to be seen in the darkened exhibition room) and must contain animals.

Size specifications

Paintings: A4 or A3 paper

Hand crafts: length, width and height must be under 1 meter

See the full Q&A on British International School Shanghai's website.