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Tips for staying healthy

by SHFamily | Thu, November 02, 2017

Dr Chen Demei, Head of Pediatrics at Renai International Medical Center gives her top tips for staying healthy in a school environment. 

Renai Doctor

Why is being in school one of the easiest ways in which children get sick?

Mainly due to the fact that a campus often has a lot of people on it. It’s for this very reason that it’s easier for germs and viruses to spread amongst children. If one student gets infected, others around him are likely to become infected, too.

What are the most common contagions that kids can catch once they’re back at school?

First, influenza is a major risk for students at all ages, largely caused by tiredness, perspiration without timely clothing changes and low surrounding temperature. To best avoid it, children need to get vaccinated early on. With children between the ages of four and six, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, caused by the enterovirus, is relatively common. Again, getting relevant vaccines and washing hands before meals or after using the restroom is a necessary precaution for students.

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While at school, what can children do to avoid germs?

To reduce their risk of getting sick, students should be vaccinated as required by their government or health departments. Most importantly, be careful with individual hygiene. Kids need to keep their nails short, hands clean and wash their face, as well as their hair. Also, moderating physical activities is important, as it will help build up kids’ immune systems and keep them out of the doctor’s office.

What can parents do to ensure their little ones don’t get sick or, if they are, how to help them recover as soon as possible?

In my opinion, parents should often open the windows and let the fresh air in on clearer days. Besides, it’s important to wash quilts and clothes regularly, keeping daily articles like cups, and forks clean. Lastly, food for children is supposed to be balanced, nutritious, and of course, healthy.

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How can parents ensure that they too stay fit and healthy, and avoid spreading germs to their kids?

Parents should always remember to keep germs or viruses outside their houses. For example, as soon as they get home from work, they need to remove their coats and wash their hands.

What should schools do to prevent students from getting sick?

The school authorities should pay close attention to the hygiene of their classrooms and their dining rooms. Regular disinfection is highly recommended, while tableware and other articles like bowls and water glasses must be clean and germless.

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What kind of habits can be formed early on to keep children fit for fighting germs?

First, take notice of personal hygiene, and remember to wash hands often. Second, avoid staying in places with a lot of people, like supermarkets, the metro at rush hour and so on. Third, accept vaccinations as required by concerned authorities – they are your best defense against known illnesses that often find their way into classrooms and school campuses.