Back to School: Supplies You'll Want to Steal From Your Kids

Stationery must-haves.

by Michaela Fulton | Wed, August 30, 2017

Do you remember the excitement of going back to school? The nervous energy of starting another academic year, making new friends, seeing old mates and purchasing some shiny new gear you knew would help to keep your head in the game and on top of homework? We do too. That's why we've rounded up some downright stunning school supplies that your kids will love (and you'll be jealous of...).

1. Cosmos sticky notes

Who DOESN'T want to pretend they're writing on the moon or another planet? Your little daydreamers will have heaps of fun using these sticky notes to build their own little galaxy, while ensuring that they remember everything they need to – be it homework, vocabulary, chores or things they want to tell their friends.

Price: ¥10.94/each

2. Hanging pocket organizer

Made from cotton, this multi-pocketed, hanging wall organizer will help keep little ones bedrooms neat and organised during homework time. Or so we hope. You can purchase a variety of different styles and color schemes to match their room, and hopefully they won't just fill it with their favorite go-to snacks to sneak at night.

Price: ¥15.14-¥34.04

3. Candy Color Pencil Cases

These simple, Japanese style pencil cases will have your kids' stationery looking super sleek. It's so minimal there'll be no mucking about with different functions (such as concealed sharpeners popping out) meaning no distractions in class; just a light, affordable and colorful box.

Price: ¥18.50

4. Creative bookmarks

Textbooks are dull. Novels assigned by schools can be a bore. So, set your sights on these creative bookmarks that will brighten up reading time and make your kid want to open that book again – even if just to marvel at what they have marking the's a start. You'll find tons of different options available – from cute wire animal shaped clips to these delicious-looking, hand-painted snacks!

Price: ¥12.41

5. Waterproof insulated lunch bag

Forget the school lunches, your kids are going to want to have packed lunches everyday with these lunch bags! There are tons of patterns to suit all ages and genders, you could even pick up a few different styles to change things up a little.

Price: ¥16.19

6. Portable flat water bottle

When your kids are lugging about a ton of bricks (books) in their backpacks, sometimes it can be hard to squeeze in that regular water bottle. This nifty re-fillable will slot in perfectly among the books and looks snazzy too!

Price: ¥28.90-¥33.10

7. Stationery Set and Case

Stationery Set and Case

Available in two different colors to match your mood, you'll feel completely put together with this stylish set. With it, you'll be able to keep your pens, notebook, post-it notes and more organized for the new semester – no more scrambling through your bag for loose items.

Price: ¥111.95