Guide to: Navigating Chinese Pharmacies

11 Over-the-Counter Equivalents to Western Medicines

by Cidonie Richards | Wed, March 29, 2017

It's that time of year again when the inbetween weather brings all kinds of nasties to ther air. Flu season is well and truely here and for many expats, trying to find medicine at a local pharmacy can be overwhelming. If you think you need to see a doctor or might need a prescription, don't hesitate to see a healthcare provider. For a full list of heathcare providers check out the downloadable Health & Wellness Guide at the bottom of our home page. But if you think all you need is some self-medicating relief navigating Shanghai pharmacies can be daunting and down right confusing for the average foreigner.

 The packaging is different, there's the language barrier, and most of the time what we need is a simple solution not to have to practice our Mandarin skills while under the weather. But don't let these obstacles prevent you from getting what you need (or hoarding a bunch of medicine in your suitcase when you return home). Here's an easy guide of the over-the-counter equivalents to Western medicines.