Healthy Habits: Rebalance and Harmonize

Learn how to put yourself first when life gets busy.

by SHFamily | Mon, October 30, 2017

By Kimberly Ashton

Ladies, it’s time to take care of yourself. I’m excited to share some tips, encourage you to look inside yourself and take care of your health. If you are a woman reading this, great, but if you aren’t then show this to a lady you love and give her some space for self-care, skin love and happy vibes; aka emotional care. If you’re the Mr of the household, don’t fear – all the below tips will benefit you too.

Relax and Rebalance

As women, we often don’t spend enough time looking after ourselves. I’m sure you’ve heard it before but it’s in our nature to look after everyone else. We worry about the kids’ lunch, picking them up, what to cook for dinner, our husband’s health, family matters, holidays, moving house, running errands. It’s all living outwards and being concerned about other people in our exterior world. But I’m here to tell you that your inner world is just as (if not more) important. Without looking after it, you won’t be in a position to keep strong physically, emotionally, be healthy and have the mental energy needed to get through the day. Some signs that you many need rebalancing and harmony include:

• Lack of energy physically during the day.

• Sugar cravings (to boost your energy).

• Poor memory or forgetfulness (as your mind is overloaded).

• Low motivation for the day, week and life!

• You feel like you are living in a frantic pace and busy all the time.

• You eat an imbalanced diet because you are too busy feeding others.

• Poor immune system.

• You don’t remember the last time you did something for you.

Self care

Self Care

So let’s start with you. Some of my personal favorite activities to replenish energy levels and take some time out include:

• Massages.

• A visit to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor for some acupuncture, or to hear that you need a day off!

• Regular chiropractic adjustments, to keep physically and structurally in good shape. It also aligns and harmonizes our nerves, muscles and everything from head to toe.

• Going for a swim.

• Ground yourself by taking time to simply be in the moment. Take a walk in Fuxing Park, or meditate whenever possible.

Making time for yourself, and doing something that benefits only you, will help nurture respect for your own body, personal time and improve overall health.

Skin care

Put Yourself First

As women, we generally love taking care of our skin. We buy fancy creams and products to apply topically, and some may even take supplements like vitamin C or collagen to keep the wrinkles away. But aging gracefully is a natural process and good skin comes from – you guessed it – your insides.

Some of my favorite skin enhancing foods and organs to nourish include:

• A high dose of vitamin C; without it you don’t produce or retain collagen. I love sea buckthorn juice and powder as a drink or smoothie ingredient. It’s full of vitamin C and builds the immune system.

• I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, with the most balanced food as a base - whole grains. Many people I hear these days want to skip the carbs but that can be a mistake as your body needs whole grains not only for fiber (to flush out toxins and prevent constipation – terrible for the skin and your energy), but also for naturally sweet properties. Without things like brown rice, black rice, millet (which all have zero fat) you start to crave sweets and that’s where we nurture sugar addictions.

• Your skin manifests from your lungs/lung meridians (which are linked to other organs) according to TCM. So take a look at any skin issues, such as nervous rashes or irregular conditions, and ensure you’re looking after your health from the inside. Try breathing exercises to reduce anxiety, eat well and adapt to seasonal changes.

Emotional care


This one may be the hardest topics to cover as it’s so complex, and I’d love to dedicate more time to it, but for now here are some key elements to highlight in the spirit of women’s health:

• Your emotions are representative of your state of living and being, so learn to recognize when they come up. The happy ones and not so happy ones, you’ll want to learn how to read them.

• Identify trigger situations, such as stress, and how they elicit certain emotions.

• Learn about emotions and their links to organ health. A TCM doctor will be able to tell you about fear and its link to weak kidneys, helping you work toward improving them.

• Take responsibility for your emotions, and therefore your health. No one can make you feel anything – it’s your reaction, your mind and your thoughts.

• Many of us need more grounding foods, such as root vegetables, high mineral items like brown rice, black rice and sea vegetables. Many of us are deficient in these, which give stability and the foundations for good health, mentally and physically.

This advice is the just the tip of the iceberg towards a healthier and happier you, but it’s a great start. Make sure to take time out this month, and make more time for YOU. Nurture your energy, cultivate your Qi through food and holistic wellness. But most of all, enjoy the journey along the way.