The Secret to Being Happy: Be Kind

Turn that frown upside-down!

by Parents and Kids | Wed, March 21, 2018

It can be easy to get lost in negativity, but these quick tips will ensure that you're actively showing kindness to others – something that kids can and will learn from.

Smiling instead of scowling

It can be so easy in such a busy city, to walk around like everyone is out to get you. Sometimes people ride their bikes on the wrong side of the street. Sometimes they’ll open a car door without checking if there’s anyone behind them. Sometimes they’ll be looking at their phone and walk right into you.

But no one wants to hurt you, remember that. Instead of rolling your eyes, tutting, or worse, yelling at them, make a joke. Smile as if to say “these things happen, friend!” and instead of feeling anger, you’ll both walk away with a grin on your face and nobody’s morning got ruined.

Tell someone you love them

We’re forever telling our children that we love them, and if we aren’t saying it, we’re showing it with kisses and cuddles. But it can be easy to forget about our partners, parents and friends.

Family Love

Tell your significant other that you really, really love them. Call your parents just to say hi. Text a friend and ask them how they are. Check in with people and let them know you’re thinking about them. Better yet, send them a letter in the mail. What better way to start the day than by reading a hand written note from someone you love?

Give something back

There are a number of ways you can give your time to help others.

Whether you join an organization, donate clothes, knit a blanket, go to an animal shelter and play with unwanted pets or spend a few minutes talking to someone who looks lonely, your time is valuable to others, and sharing it is an amazing gift that no one else can give.

Buy someone in need a meal or coffee

Sadly, every single city in the world has people who don’t have a home living within its walls. It can be devastating to see such poverty and sadness, and it can often feel like the problem is just too big to do anything about. What will my little gesture really accomplish? you might ask.

Give Coffee

Well, instead of thinking about the problem as a whole, why not think about the individual who’s sitting out in the cold. Buy them a warm drink, or better yet, a warm meal if you can. A decent feed and warming cup of Joe will go a long, long way for that person who spends his or her days getting ignored.

Pay a compliment forward

For every nice thing someone says to you – “I love your hair today,” “your outfit looks great,” “did you lose weight?!” remember it, log it, and say something nice to someone else.

You can really make someone’s day by noticing something they’ve obviously worked hard to achieve. Let them know that their work has paid off, and they’re as fab as they’re hoping to be!