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Welcome to our fitness issue

by Alex Sheffield | Fri, November 10, 2017

Energy never seemed to be much of a problem when I was younger. In fact, I remember having so much of it that I’d literally bounce off the walls. The love I had for anything sporty became so much, that my parents immediately signed me up for gymnastics classes after I managed to injure myself at home while trying to do acrobatics in the living room (hot tea, cartwheels, and small spaces don’t mix well).

I was also extremely disappointed when the grown-ups were “too tired” to play football, or needed to “rest their eyes” when I’d bring the tennis rackets out, but now that I’m older, I totally understand where they were coming from! However, it is possible to regain our energy levels and find an activity that entertains, as well as keeps us fit – no matter what our age.

Kristy and Kids

This month, we’re exploring how to keep fit and healthy in this great metropolis; and believe us when we say there are tons of options out there! You may have noticed a growing trend for weights over cardio to build a toned physique. Although you might not think of weight training as the most exciting way to get in shape, our cover story, Building Blocks, uncovers exactly why grabbing a dumbbell may benefit you more than going for a run on the treadmill.

Playing Together

But it’s not only your body that needs keeping in-check, as maintaining a healthy mind and soul is also important. Teresa Kuo turns the spotlight on a wonderful way to boost endorphins, make friends and give something back to the local community at the same time by volunteering. If you’re ready to don your leggings, Ronni Rowland gives us a great round up of where to find fitness programs for the whole family in Shanghai.

Our Deputy Editor, Sarah, explores the interesting concept and benefits of co-gender sports in this month’s Education and Development article Playing Together, we chat with the students of Tiny Tots about keeping fit in Kids Talk, and discover how to calm the mind using the technique of Forest Bathing – the intriguing concept from Japan. We meet Shanghai dad and Head Coach for the Chinese Taipei soccer team, Gary White, in Shanghai Story.


We hope you enjoy this action-packed issue, and find inspiration to keep yourself fit in body, mind and spirit. Happy reading! Now where are my trainers . . .

Alexandra Purcell Garcia

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