Spring Hikes Your Family Will Love

Spring has sprung!

by Anna Dixon | Wed, March 28, 2018

Now that the weather is warmer and the winter pollution is rapidly going down, we of course want to be outside as much as possible. But, although living in one of the largest cities on the planet, it can begin to feel a little cramped when people start to come out of hibernation.

Guess what though? There’s actually a fair bit of nature on the outskirts of our urban jungle just waiting for you and the family to explore. So lace up the walking boots and dig out the khakis, because it's time to go hiking!

1. Tea Plantations in Hangzhou

Hop on over to Hangzhou and explore the beautiful scenic area with its tea hills, local villages, and stunning greenery, giving you a real sense of being away from it all. The trek is between three and five hours depending on the route taken, and you will also get a delicious local lunch thrown in too. Make sure you take a decent camera because there are a ton of photo ops, some snacks to keep you fuelled up and full of energy, bottled water, and your passport! 

This hike is best for children over six as the route isn’t stroller friendly, and is considered easy to medium in terms of difficulty level.

2. Shangqing Ancient Caravan Trail

The Shangqing Ancient Caravan Trail connects Shangkang Village and Qinglian Village, hence the name “Shang” + “Qing”. Many, many years ago it was the only path connecting Shaoxing and Shengzhou County. Of course now there are modern roads, but parts of the trail are still in tact and you’ll get to see them on this great hike. It’s hard to believe there’s so much history so close by! Food-wise, you’ll get a lovely local lunch, but make sure to pack some snacks as well!

This hike is considered a little harder than the first one, and is also a fair bit longer at around 11 kilometers. No kids under six, and if you do take children around six, they need to be fit!

3. Ancient Hidden Village

On this hike you’ll walk to top of the highest hill in Dong Shan for a spectacular view of the Tai Lake. You’ll then explore ancient hidden villages, complete with fruit orchards and gorgeous gardens!

This hike is about two hours on a private bus from downtown Shanghai. You’ll see some of China’s truly beautiful sites, plus over 30 well-preserved houses from the Ming Dynasty. Despite climbing a big hill, this hike is an easy one. Again, you’ll have a local lunch as part of the trip and will be back in Shanghai in time for tea at 6PM!

4. The Five Waterfalls Trail

You’ll head to a stunning nature reserve and, as you’ll have guessed from the name of the trail, will see more than a few beautiful waterfalls! This hike is in Zhuji, about a 20-minute train journey from Hongqiao station.

You’ll get a good lunch before you start the hike, and will then spend the afternoon in the heart of nature! The hike is intermediate in terms of difficulty, and takes about 4.5 hours so again, if you plan to join this one, make sure the kids have done a few practice walks first! This hike is perfect if you want a little peace and tranquility, and also has some great photo ops, so remember your camera!