These Are The Only Family Snacks Ideas You Need

Smart summer snacking

by SHFamily | Wed, September 28, 2016

Ice cream, popsicles, sodas, milkshakes—these are the typical summertime treats we think of when we picture the summer holidays. Unfortunately, these sweet treats tend to come with extra, unwanted calories.

While I am certainly not discouraging snacking, healthier snacking is the way to go. Smart snacking can help keep energy levels up, refuel after a workout or a session on the playground and prevent overeating at the following meal. Here are some basic tips to get you started on healthy snacks:


1) Shop the perimeter

Look for whole foods and ditch the processed stuff. While you won’t have any problems finding healthy snacks at wet markets, stick to the perimeters of grocery stores to find healthier choices.


2) Mix in healthy fats

Look for snacks that have around 100–200 calories each. Examples are fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats like olive oil, nut butters and avocado. Mix and match them for an added boost of flavor and nutrients. Apples and peanut butter are a classic example.


3) Consistency is key

Keep meal and snack times consistent to add structure to your kids’ summer break. This can help curb mindless snacking out or boredom or distraction. Don’t forget to schedule in lots of time for outdoor activities, be it a romp in the park or a family day out hiking the Great Wall.


4) Be a smart traveler

Plan ahead for family vacations. Pack healthy snacks and choose easy-to-carry items that can fit inside your carry-on bags so you can hand them out when hunger strikes mid-journey. Solid choices for air or train travel include trail mix, bottled yogurt, sliced fruits, cut veggies and wholesome nutrition bars.


Snacks by the numbers

Here are some satisfying snack options perfect for both hungry kids and calorie-counting adults alike:

50 calories and under

• Babybel Light cheese

• Half a banana

• Three-quarters of a cup of raspberries

• Five almonds

• Handful of baby carrots with 2 tbsp. of salsa

• Bell pepper strips with 1 tbsp. hummus

• Celery sticks with one Laughing Cow cheese wedge


100 calories and under

• Horizon part-skim string cheese

• One hard-boiled egg

• Half-cup of fat-free plain Greek yogurt with 2 tsp. of strawberry jam

• Three cups of air-popped popcorn, lightly salted

• One Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge with three Triscuit crackers

• One half of a whole-wheat mini bagel with 1 ounce of smoked salmon

• 29 pistachio nuts


200 calories and under

• One container of Fage Total 0% yogurt with half of a banana

• Half cup of edamame

• Six-ounce container of non-fat yogurt topped with 2 tsp. of honey and two chopped walnuts

• One ounce of prosciutto with four figs


These snack suggestions come courtesy of Erika Kaufman, RD, LD; Sarah-Jane Bedwell, RD, LDN; and Marie Roth, RD.