Tried and Tested: Chakra Balancing Treatment

A whole body pampering at The Peninsula

by Alex Sheffield | Thu, August 24, 2017

It might seem obvious to some, but our bodies and minds are intrinsically linked when it comes to wellbeing. When going through difficult times, such as:

  • changing jobs
  • loved ones re-locating or leaving Shanghai
  • our children experiencing growing pains

it’s important to recognize how this might impact stress levels. Our body is a buzzing energy force and occasionally those energy points (chakras) can fall out of sync or become blocked. Luckily, The Peninsula Spa has developed a range of treatments to help; so we popped over to try the Chakra Balancing with Volcanic Stones treatment (¥1,600, plus a 16 percent service charge). Perfect for deep-seated tension and muscular stress, every step of this almost two-hour treatment (one hour and 50-minutes to be precise) is designed to help you unwind and re-align your internal energy, bringing balance to your body and mind.

As we took our seat in the cozy treatment room, the only noise we could hear came from the soothing background music lulling us into an already relaxed state. Our masseuse, Christina, started the treatment with a foot massage using a blend of essential oils from ESPA, which also have aromatic properties – engulfing all the senses.

Afterwards, we hopped on to the massage bed – which could easily be mistaken for an actual hotel bed, it was so comfy. What commenced was one of the best body scrubs we’d ever had; using sea salt and a blend of oils, you could literally feel the grime of city life lifting away. We had our back and front scrubbed before heading into the private en-suit shower, with the oils used making our skin feel amazingly soft.

The Peninsula Spa Tea Lounge

Once dried off, the next step was to have a full body massage (front and back), including oils and heated volcanic stones. The stones are charged with lunar energy by being placed on the roof of the hotel with every full moon. It was an odd sensation when the hot stones were first rubbed across the skin; they’re super smooth, but the heat was just on the edge of too hot – never enough to hurt though.

The stones were then placed on key vital energy chakra points on the body as the massage continued. Our masseuse was very attentive throughout, checking that the pressure was okay, and also asking if we wanted more delicate areas – such as tummy and breasts – to be massaged rather than just assuming (good for those who are perhaps a little shy). The treatment closed with a cleansing facial, which was just as calming as the other elements. We slept very well that night, with the relaxing effects felt for a several days after – definitely worth the price tag.

Peninsula Spa Treatment Room

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