Tried and Tested: An Oil Adventure at CHI, Jing'An Shangri-La

Aroma journey

by Alex Sheffield | Mon, November 27, 2017

With the cooler weather creeping in, you might start to notice a change in your skin as the winter chill begins to set in. In need of some R&R and nourishment for ours, we headed off to CHI, The Spa, found on the fourth floor of the Jing An Shangri-La, to try their new range of massage oils by ZENTS (known as ZONTI in the US), recently introduced in all their hotels across China. On arrival, we were given a cup of herbal tea and a healthy cookie, before being asked to choose our favorite of the four new scents:

  • Mandarin – made with ginger mandarin and cardamom, has a spicy aroma designed to warm and invigorate.
  • Oolong – a refreshing scent with lavender, lime, and oolong tea intended to energize and balance.
  • Ore – with cloves, orris (a beautiful blue flower) and ylang ylang, for aeuphoric and stimulating sensation.
  • Sun – a calming and comforting scent made with vanilla, sandalwood, and amber.
  • Unzented – the (you guessed it!) unscented oil.

Spa Reception

You can use just one or a combination depending on your personal preference, but we opted for Oolong as the lavender reminded us of our family garden back in England. On choosing the 60-minute Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage (¥880, or 90-minutes/¥1,180), we promptly followed our masseuse, Anna, into the treatment room.

Our aroma journey began with the massage technique being turned on its head – starting with our legs first rather than the sometimes usual shoulders and back. It made for an interesting alternative, and we easily switched off by never knowing where they would massage next rather than anticipating the usual routine. The pressure was perfect and Anna focused well on the key pressure points that needed extra help (for us that was our tense shoulders), also paying special attention to a bad ankle by offering a support pillow to make it more comfortable.

CHI Massage

Although the high-ceilinged, paneled room was extremely cozy and welcoming, we found ourselves a little chilly at one point, but this was quickly remedied as soon as we mentioned it. Anna also asked if we wanted our stomach massaged or not – we opted to and it was very pleasant. The massage was extremely relaxing, and coupled with the beautiful scent ofthe Oolong oil, had us drift swiftly to the brink of sleep. If it had been the 90-minute option, I’m sure we would have been snoring gently in no time.

Spa Treatment Room

However, included in the price we were also allowed access to some of the other facilities, including the sauna, Jacuzzi , shower room and relaxation room; so your 60-minutes can stretch that little bit further, allowing you to enter a more relaxed state prior to, or post, your massage. We left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and smelling lovely!

Good to know

CHI, The Spa: 4/F, Jing An Shangri-La,1218 Yan’an Zhong Lu (near Tongren Lu),

延安中路1218号静安香格里拉大酒店四楼 (近同仁路)