WATCH: Britannica International School, Shanghai 'Kids Talk'

Super mom!

by SHFamily | Thu, October 12, 2017

Each month, Shanghai Family visits a variety of schools to interview kids on a range of different topics. This October, we meet the students at Britannica International School, Shanghai to discuss a very important topic: mommas! We chat about favourite foods, what character they would be in a movie, and what makes them so awesome.

Watch the video below!

Meet the kids

Vittoria Age 6, Italy

“We like to go swimming together, but sometimes she sits and watches because it’s too cold. I’m very proud of my mom because almost every competition she wins – she’s really good! She’s so special because she made me!"

Jake Age 6, UK

"My mum is so special because she looks after me all the time. We’re similar because we help each other, and she’s very kind. We play football when we’re together at the weekend; she’s good but my dad is the best in the family."

Justus Age 6, Germany

“My mum is very special because she’s always happy. We like eating Chinese food, but she only likes tu dou si [shredded potatoes]. If my mum was a character in a movie she’d be Wonder Woman because she’s wonderful!”

William Age 6, Australia

“I love playing with my mom; sometimes we make booby traps and sometimes we clean the house. She is special because she’s so beautiful! But we’re not the same; she’s bigger and has long hair – I’m smaller and have short hair.”

Sihyun Age 5, South Korea

“This is a picture of my mom. Mommy and I are different because she wears glasses and I don’t. I like reading with her. We love reading adventure stories when I get home from school.”