WATCH: Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong 'Kids Talk'

by SHFamily | Mon, March 26, 2018

Each month, Shanghai Family visits a variety of schools to interview kids on a range of different subjects. This March, we met with the students at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong to discuss they're favorite snacks for before and after fencing.

Meet the kids

"I really like dark chocolate granola bars . . . or do I? Just kidding, of course I do. They're delicious!"

Linus, Age 10, SUI

"I like sushi which is kind of random but tasty and the right amount of filling. My favorite training snack for competitions are bananas though."

Margaret, Age 13, UK

"Apples! And my favorite victory dinner after I win a match is spaghetti."

Jack, Age 11, CAN

"Sushi, sushi, sushi! But I also really like raisins and energy bars"

Natasha, Age 9, US

"Dumplings and some chips and snacks! Chocolate bars and maybe apple juice."

Joy, Age 9, US

"I will normally just eat a vegetable, a meatball, and brown rice, because brown rice is healthier. But there is nothing like mineral water to quench my thirst."

Gilbert, Age 9, NZ

"I feel like dark chocolate has the right amount of flavor."

Sophie, Age 10, AUS

"I really like grape jelly drinks, apples, and seaweed to give me the right amount of energy."

Daiki, Age 10, JPN