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The former Shanghai Fine Art Museum has been reopened as the China Art Museum in the 2010 Expo Site in Pudong. The museum is free, but tickets are required. Just visit their website to book online or get yours from the ticket office just outside the main entrance. Only a limited number of tickets are printed each day, so arrive early if you're planning to visit on a weekend.
Perfect for those who like to live their lives by a stopwatch, this supermarket-cum-deli can whip up a sandwich in two minutes flat. You can fill the baguette of your choice with a selection of European delicacies for as little as RMB10.
Having earned a reputation as a pace-setter for contemporary art in Shanghai, this non-profit museum has premier exhibits of Chinese and foreign art regularly making their way into its large, modern digs. Besides aiming to help nurture the appreciation of Chinese and international contemporary art and design, MoCA hopes to encourage cultural exchange between Shanghai and the world.
This small museum holds hundreds of colorful posters, transporting visitors back to the era of Mao Zedong and the Communist Revolution. With breathtaking galleries, plus originals and replicas for sale, there’s no better way to enjoy some truly vintage art while at the same time gaining a better understanding of a pivotal point in Chinese history. Entrance to the gallery is RMB20 and free for children, and there's also a gift shop with original and replica posters, plus plenty of other paraphernalia.
This British import offers delicious thin-crust pizzas using genuine mozzarella, authentic parmesan and only the best olive oil. Fusion pies like Peking duck entice, and the selection of wines satisfies. Young, hip and efficient waiters smartly bustle about the modern interior and open kitchen.
Located on the former site of the Shanghai World Expo, the Shanghai Children's Art Theatre has a multi-function platform for children to participate in interactive experiences.
A large modern cinema with top-level equipment and amenities. The Shanghai International Film Festival is held here every year along with many governmental activities as well.
As elite a gallery as one would expect within the confines of Three on the Bund, the curators aim to assist in the compilation of an art collection in addition to promoting international and domestic art of a quality and relevance second-to-none.
Designed by famous French architect Paul Andreu, this 40,000 square meters lotus-shapes building is one of the most well-known art and performance centers in China. It hosts opera, concerts, performances as well as art education lectures.