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Monday 12th, February 2018    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
In Music LAB we are people passionate about music that believe that learning music must be fun! We want the children to enjoy music, fostering curiosity in a joyful and motivational way, using music as a tool for developing skills as creativity, teamwork, emotional intelligence and self-confidence. Our focus is to make kids experiment, feel, enjoy and understand the musical language so they will improve based on their passion and willingness to learn.
Friday 2nd, March 2018    TO    Friday 26th, October 2018
Shanghai Old Keller Jazz Band is one of the most prestigious jazz bands in Shanghai that has played in high level venues like several five-star hotels such as Shanghai Peace Hotel. Their love and dedication for music shine through and it is so special and unique, passionate, perfect. The band is famous for playing popular Chinese and foreigner jazz songs also in Europe and the United States.Band members: guitarist Gui Tianzhi; saxophone Zhu Guoping; trumpeter Shu Zhang Gen.
Saturday 3rd, March 2018    TO    Sunday 30th, September 2018
It is not ‘bye-bye’ to the buffet, but rather ‘hello’ to an all-new brunching experience at THE CUT Rooftop. Placing a refreshing emphasis on many ‘choice-first’ options to drink & dine, right down to the music selection! #MyBrunch, Shanghai’s newest place to socialise on weekends.
Saturday 3rd, March 2018    TO    Saturday 29th, December 2018
KK Vienna is the meeting place for incredible world-class music. You can discover classical music in a lively, social, casual, drink and food concert experience. There’s no veil between the audience and the musicians; you can connect personally to the story of the music. Xu Qi is a Shanghai Opera House bass singer and a national actor; member of the Chinese musicians Association. Have been acting in more than 30 operas on stage and perfomed all over the world including France and Canada where he won, in 2009 the first prize in the Canadian International Vocal Music Competition.
Sunday 1st, January 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
As an old saying goes: one who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a true man. Similarly, what a pity it is if you miss the Oriental Pearl Tower when visiting Shanghai! As the landmark of Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl Tower is located at the Lujiazui of Pudong District in Shanghai, confronting the Bund across the river. It is 468 m high and consists of 11 spheres of different sizes. The design is derived from the fantastic conception of "pearls falling into a jade plate". You can appreciate the urban scenery of both banks of Huangpu River from the three main spheres at different heights. And you can enjoy the full view of Shanghai in a unique way like "walking in the air" when standing on the 259-meter-high transparent observatory. When night falls, you can climb up to the sightseeing floor to look out over the sleepless city.
Sunday 1st, January 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
HongWu Kungfu Centre is in the heart of Shanghai’s buzzing Tai Kang Rd artist area and has rapidly become the studio for anyone and everyone who has an interest in Chinese Kung Fu.
Sunday 1st, January 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
Let's enjoy fun sailing with the best coach in Shanghai! This experience is short adventuring by small sailboat. Learn the basic concepts about sailing and the boat, then we will get hands on experience! Wear live-jackets, take the boat with the coach, and enjoy the ride!
Sunday 1st, January 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
Sounds Great! Come to a live show studio to record your own music!
Sunday 1st, January 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
Cryotherapy is a safe, fast and incredibly effective way to reboot your body and mind.