Why Advertise Online

  • Online advertising is low cost, and wider reaching than any other media.
  • Client information is available online 24-7.
  • Especially in the expat world, the internet is the first source of information. An online presence helps raise awareness of your brand and allows you to reach your targeted demographic.
    • Number of impressions - The more impressions you show, the more visitors will remember your business.
    • Clickthroughs - It shows the immediate need or interest in your product.
    • Branding - This is how well your customer will remember your name when it is time for them to choose services you will offer.
  • More than with any other media, results can be easily measured, and adjusting the advertising campaign is easy and fast.

Why Advertise on Shanghai Family?

  • Wide Reaching - easy access to Shanghai's ever-growing expat family community.
    • Shanghai Family Magazine is the leading magazine for international families providing practical and inspirational stories to help readers make the most of family living in Shanghai. Our sister publication, Parents & Kids is the number one source of information for families who want to know what’s fun and happening around Shanghai. We bring our readers the very best of our print content together under one digital umbrella. Advertising on the Shanghai Family partnered with Parents & Kids combined new website will allow you to maximize your online exposure and gain access to this important, trend-setting, demographic niche.
    • With over 22,000 opt-in subscribers to Shanghai Family's weekly newsletters, Shanghai Family is able to efficiently deliver your marketing message.
  • Value For Money - the best way to spend your marketing budget.
    • Different channels of organized information allow targeted delivery of your marketing message.
    • Word of mouth travels fast online, especially through the expat community. Shanghai Family's online networking, content creation and content matching services, together with offline events, provide numerous opportunities to get people talking about your product. The result is a very powerful marketing campaign.
  • Flexibility - We pride ourselves on being easy to work with.
    • Shanghai Family designers are available to help with developing an eye-catching attractive graphical theme and ad copy for your campaign.
    • Shanghai Family can customize the ad packages to meet your specific marketing goals.
  • Tactical Marketing
    • Clients benefit from regular feedback on their campaign through statistics captured from the site and feedback received online, and can make tactical adjustments to the campaign to guarantee maximum effectiveness.

Contact Info

Don't wait any longer! For our media kit, please reach us via Email: jenny.wu@shfamily.com, Tel: 86 130 6176 1177 or shadvertise@shfamily.com