WATCH: Shanghai United International School (SUIS) 'Kids Talk'

By 2018-12-20 23:26:08

It's family time!

Each month, Shanghai Family visits a variety of schools to interview kids on a range of different subjects. This December, we meet the students at Shanghai United International School (SUIS), Gubei Campus, to discuss why their families are so important, and hear what they'll be doing together this December holiday.

Watch the video below

Jerry - Age 13, China

“I might be going back to my hometown to see my grandparents. My grandfather can play many traditional instruments; I play the guitar, so we can play together.”

Raina - Age 12, USA

“I’m going with my parents, grandma, and great aunt, to Yunnan; it’ll be great to see them. I think it’s good to speak regularly with family, because if you don’t you’ll lose touch.”

Ava - Age 13, USA

“My family is important because they always give their honest opinion. I don’t have to ever act like I’m someone else, because I can trust them, and they’re not going to judge me.”

Yoyo - Age 12, China

“Families are important because they help and support us. Mine help me to improve myself; family gives me a sense of home.”

Chyanne - Age 12, Singapore

“This December holiday I’m going to visit my family. I show that I love them by spending time together and supporting them. I hug and tell them that I love them.”

Ian - Age 12, Belgium

“This December my family and I are going to Thailand. We’ve been doing this every year for about five years now, so it’s become a tradition.”