Where to Donate Your Clothes in Shanghai

By 2018-12-20 23:26:08

Know where to go to responsibly offload your excess clothing

Knowing where to donate your clothes in Shanghai isn't always easy to navigate and understanding where they end up, once you've handed them over, is another important aspect that complicates the matter. Whether you're moving house or simply looking to downsize, we've compiled a list of places for you to drop your excess pieces and looked into just where they might be going. So, now you can make an educated decision about your and your family's recycling efforts.

Green Initiatives

The RE:Form campaign from Green Initiatives is part of a larger project to help individuals and organizations better engage with the issue of textile waste. Coupled with educational classes, lectures and an active presence in the environmental activism community here in Shanghai, this non-profit works to responsibly recycle clothing and other fabric based products. Re-usable pieces in quality condition are then swapped, donated or re-sold, while well-worn products are turned into fabric materials that can be used in other ways, such as cushion stuffing or insulation.

What they accept:    

  • All kinds of clothing, garments, towels, etc
  • Bedding & curtains 
  • Footwear & socks     

What they don't:

  • Wet or soiled
  • Dirty or smelly 
  • Stained with chemicals

Where you can donate:

  • Haworth Furniture Shanghai Haworth Organic Workspace, 1515 West Nanjing Lu, Jing'An Kerry Centre, Tower 1, 32F (Near Changde Lu)
  • Bonobo Denims, Floor 1, 153-162 Sunnydays City Mall, 455 Yishan Lu (Near Kaijin Lu)
  • CREATER SPACE, 888 Huashan Lu, (Near Wukang Lu)

For more information, visit: greeninitiatives.cn


Run by Nick Lim, BaoSquared distributes individualized packages of clothing to children in rural China. Working almost exclusively with schools on the receiving end, Lim is able to ensure that the clothes he recieves are getting used and making an impact, instead of being put back into the environment. He has already supplied over 70 children in the province of Qinghai with packages and is working on increasing his reach. When donating clothing for those under the age of 15, separate into a bag and clearly label "Children." 

Where you can donate:

  • Element Fresh Portman, Shanghai Centre, 112 East Wing, 1376 Nanjing West Lu
  • Element Fresh Lujiazui, Super Brand Mall, 1F, NW Corner, 168 Lujiazui West Lu
  • Element Fresh Yueda 889, B1 & L1, 889 Wanhangdu Lu (near Kangding Lu)
  • Element Fresh Gubei, Gubei Garden Plaza, 1F, 2088 YanAn West Lu (near Yili Lu)
  • Element Fresh Jinqiao, 331 Hongfeng Lu (near Biyun Lu)
  • naked Hub – Hunan Lu, 1F, No. 328 Hunan Lu (near Gaoyou Lu)
  • naked Hub – XinTianDi, 3F Building 5, #123 Xingye Lu  (near Madang Lu)
  • naked Hub – Nanjing Lu, 5F, #89 Taixing Road (near Nanjing East Rd)
  • naked Discovery, 669 Haike Road (near Jinke Rd)
  • Old Navy JingAn Temple, 1728 West Nanjing Lu, Ground Flr (near HuaShan Lu)
  • Old Navy Gubei, 179 Maotai Lu, Ground Flr, L101 (near Gubei Lu)
  • URBN Hotel, 183 Jiaozhou Lu (near Xinzha Lu)

For more information, visit: baosquared.cn

River of Hearts – Community Center


Founded in 2003, by Christina Showalter and Isabelle Chapanet, this organization is dedicated in providing minority and economically challenged communities with clothing and other goods, while creating an outlet for the Shanghai community to get involved. Since their conception, they've donated over 15,000 boxes of goods to villages in Yunnan, Anhui, Heilongjiang and Qinghai, impacting more than 13,000 individuals every year. As of 2017, River of Hearts works with REFORM to maximize the use of and recyclability of collected clothing. They are open to donations in good conditions (meaning stainless and not broken).

What they accept:

  • clothing

  • shoes

  • bedding

  • toys (all pieces included)

  • small appliances (chinese voltage, electric plugs, all pieces inlcuded)

  • kitchenware (ie dishes, cutlery)

  • books (any language)

  • large items (ie furniture; email them a photo for their consideration)

The organization notes that some items may be resold for fundraising purposes. 

Where you can donate:

  • 890 Changning Lu (near Huichuan Lu) 长宁路890号,近汇川路
  • 67 Jintai Lu (near Zaozhuang Lu) 金台路67号,近枣庄路

You can find more information from their website at: communitycenter.cn/riverofhearts

Heart 2 Heart Shanghai


This charity is dedicated to providing corrective surgery for Chinese children with congenital heart defects, whose families are unable to afford the medical procedure. To date, they have funded 1,126 surgeries and they are proud to say they are a 100% volunteer-run organization, meaning that all donations are spent on surgeries. Besides monetary donations, you can donate your used goods that will be given to the sponsored families upon hospital arrival, or are taken to villages and orphanages in need.

What they accept:

  • clothes (new or gently used)

  • shoes

  • toiletries (hotel, airplane, full-sized)

  • bedding

  • toys

Things they especially need at the moment:

  • adult toothbrushes

  • lotion

  • baby bath

  • coloring books

  • summer clothes 

Before dropping any items off, they request that you email them at donations@h2hsh.net to arrange a time at their sorting room, which can be found at:

  • Yodak Cardio-Thoracic Hospital, 218 Longcao Lu  

For more information, visit their website: h2hsh.com/

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a charity organization dedicated to helping the homeless rehabilitate into society. They offer a number of programs to help them build vocational skills and find internships or jobs around Shanghai with the help of their volunteers. They also offer people a place to shower, find them clean clothes and a meal every Saturday. For clothing donations, they require that all items be in good shape, if not new, and also accept a number of other goods. 

What they accept:

  • food (*has not reached experation date; preferably Chinese, since they are not accustomed to Western food, and easily transportable)

  • toiletries

  • used office equipment

They request that if you have goods to donate, please email them at webinfo@homesweethome.org.cn with details and possible pictures of items you are interested in giving away; they will make proper arrangements for delivery and pick up from your home. 

For more information, visit their website: homesweethome.org.cn/en/donations


Textile waste and bi-products of the fashion industry are two of the largest contributors to global pollution, damaging the environment and endangering large numbers of people in several countries. To learn more about how our clothing purchases and practices are impacting the world around us, read our feature, The Hidden Cost of Your Closet.