How to:Make Summer Pinwheels

By 2018-12-20 23:26:08


• Square piece of colored paper

• Pencil crayons or markers (stickers or creative decorations would be good as well)

• Butterfly pin        

• Straw• Hole punch        

• Scissors

Step by Step

Step One:

Have your child color and decorate both sides of her paper. Let her imagination and creativity flow with stripes, designs, stickers and more!

Step Two:

Carefully cut from each corner of the paper toward the middle point. Only cut half way from the corner to the middle.

Step Three:

Bring the corners of each alternating piece to the middle. Do not fold the paper or you will lose the part that will catch the wind.

Step Four:

Fasten the corners to the middle of the paper with a butterfly pin.Step Five:Secure the pinwheel to a straw using the butterfly pin. Ensure that there is enough extra space and slack in the pin so that the pinwheel will turn with the wind.