Eco-fy Your Home: From Daunting to Doable

By 2018-12-20 23:26:08

Get into the green scene

By Jeremy Mitchell

We know that “going green” can seem like a daunting task. It’s especially so for busy parents who already expend their energy ensuring the kids are happy, healthy and at summer camp on time. Becoming a greener family doesn’t require expensive investments or a complete overhaul of your current practices; all it takes is incorporating a few new habits into your family’s routine – turning your home into a safer, greener place and changing your perspective in the process. Here’s what your family can focus on today to impact the world tomorrow, transforming the concept of going green from daunting into doable. 

Where there are people, there is waste – and the first step towards changing that is becoming more mindful. Take a moment to consider what is necessary versus unnecessary waste, to determine how you can adapt your lifestyle to eliminate the latter from your life.

Reusable Linen Cloth Green Family

1. Eliminate paper and plastic waste

Two of the easiest ways to achieve this are by bringing your own canvas bags while grocery shopping and by opting for fabric tea towels in your kitchen. All those paper towels can be spared with a bit of cloth and a weekly wash cycle. I’m sure you already know that you should be doing both of these things and it’s only human to forget your canvas tote every once in a while. But think of the sheer quantity of plastic grocery bags and endless amount of paper towels your family throws away on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

Canvas Tote Bag Eco Green Family

Small green changes really add up over time and there are little things you can do that will make all the difference. Place your canvas shopping bag by the front door and always have a cloth towel hanging by the sink; seeing them every day will make you more likely to use them – the first step to changing your behavior and your mindset. Say no to throw-away containers and opt for reusable ones instead. In addition to downsizing on plastic, you can easily store and display freshly washed fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator. This will encourage your family to eat healthier, while helping you not forget about food that could easily go bad. Although you can compost fruits and veggies, they’re absolutely better suited in your kids’ stomachs. 

Reusable Diapers Eco Family

2. Use “green” diapers 

I know, this one can sound a little scary to some, but hear me out. Using green diapers doesn’t automatically sentence you to years of pinching your nose while washing the never-ending story of cloth nappies. If you have the stomach to stick to washable, reusable diapers, then we salute you. If you don’t, you can still do your part by purchasing diapers that are naturally derived disposables or fully compostable, like Mummy Baby, Bambo Nature and Eco by Naty. Being eco-friendly is not an all or nothing endeavor. If you can use cloth diapers during the day and opt for compostable ones at night or when you’re out of the house, you are saving your local landfills a lot of waste. If you’re still unsure, go for the washables when both parents are available for changing – so you can share with your partner the joys of taking care of our planet.

Recycles Plastic Bottles Eco Family

3. Recycle

Already separate your recyclables from your family’s trashcan? Good on you! Now, take it up a notch by adding bins to a few more rooms in your home. We often forget all the bathroom items like empty shampoo bottles, finished toilet paper rolls and miscellaneous paper that otherwise end up in landfills, so take the extra precaution by making more space in your home for recycling.

Keen for more eco-friendly tips for your family? Look out for the next piece on Green Cleaning, coming soon.