Green Eating

By 2018-12-20 23:26:08

eat green

By Jeremy Mitchel

Green eating

To take the guesswork out of greengrocery-shopping, it’s important to find a grocer that aligns with your eco-friendly values – whether that be by providing organic, sustainable produce, hormone-free proteins or supporting local farmers here in Shanghai. Learn about the current practices of wherever you shop and ask yourself if that’s a company that you want to be supporting. If they aren’t, there are plenty of alternative providers in the city that you can feel confident purchasing from.Epermarket is an online grocery platform that “focuses on the impact that [they] can make both internally and externally,” Communication Manager, Alessandra Cosimato,  tells us. They run their own EperFarm, a space devoted to sustainable crop production and food growth that is done in an ecological, ethical and responsible manner. With every order they receive, they take back whatever recyclable products you’ve held onto, sparing you the trip and helping them reduce everyone’s carbon footprint.Shivika Tarika, Expat Marketing and Sales director for online grocery platform FIELDS, spoke to us about how they source their produce locally and do their best to encourage their customers to do the same. “By supporting local producers, you’re drastically cutting down on your personal carbon footprint,” reducing the mileage involved in getting produce to your home, by air or by road, Tarika elaborates. Buying from local farmers who follow good farming practices means rewarding them for their efforts, in turn encouraging them to keep on improving and pushing others to doso as well. Tarika believes that, “Your money speaks,” and our actions as consumers only reinforce that.