Tried and Tested: Tranquil Fluid Harmony at The Cordis, Hongqiao

By Michaela Fulton 2018-12-20 23:26:08

Escaping to the haven of Chuan Spa

After a long, bitter winter, our skin has been feeling a little worse for wear, with chapped lips and flaky, dry skin becoming a regular occurrence – much to our dismay and failed attempts to moisturize. Now that spring has officially arrived in Shanghai, we decided that it was high time to give ourselves an urban revival and much-needed R&R to rejuvenate our mind and bodies to welcome in our favorite season.

We headed to Chuan Spa Health + Wellness, located in The Cordis, Shanghai, Hongqiao to try one of their signature oil massages and special afternoon tea package: a 75-minute Chuan Harmony massage and one set of their Classic Afternoon tea (¥688/person). Designed to stimulate meridian harmony, this full body oil massage combines therapeutic elements of acupressure and relaxation massage techniques to induce a deep sense of calm – just what we needed. The foundation for all of their treatments derives from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and work with five elemental forces to influence your energy flow and well-being, with oils suited to whatever your body is in need of: wood, fire, earth, metal and water – private label blends to restore balance and harmony.

Upon arrival, a sense of calm instantly washed over us as we took in the wonderful natural aesthetic that decorates the spa, where soft and calming hues induce an immediate sense of relaxation. Before our treatment, we were invited to complete a five element questionnaire to begin our journey and help therapists address what our bodies were in need of most. This changes on a daily basis depending on what you eat, the seasons of the year, as well as your natural bio rhythms that reflect your current state. Circling answers for our favorite seasons, parts of the day you find it hardest to motivate yourself, and what you may have been having problems with in the last week, we were eager to discover which element our bodies were in need of. The answer? Wood – an element which is related to your liver, gall bladder, eyes, tendons, and ligaments, and affects our eyes and sense of vision. A delicate oil created exclusively, and in consultation, with professionals in Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy.

Our harmonious journey commenced, as we were led into a beautiful treatment room of warm colors and minimalist design. Laying on the massage table, and resting our faces on a cushioned gel pad for maximum comfort, our therapist moved meticulously – working through the tension in our shoulders and backs, rubbing away the aches in our legs, and applying just the right amount of pressure to precise points on our scalp and neck for the ultimate inducement of relaxation. Halfway through the treatment, we were brought a fragrant eye mask and hot (but not too hot) neck pillow – a sensational touch and beautiful attention to detail which further strengthened our comfort as our therapist continued to work from the soles of our feet and littlest finger to the tops of our heads. The fluidity of each continuous movement was heavenly, and it wasn’t long before our minds, bodies, and souls felt completely at peace.

As our treatment drew to a close, a stewed pot of green tea was brought to our room and we were left to sit quietly within one of their in-room seating pods – a generously sized chair within it’s own enclave and built-in lighting, dimmed to perfection – before heading down to the Lobby Lounge to enjoy some afternoon tea. Consisting of bite-sized sandwiches, delicate macarons, and a delectable servings of mango pudding, we were left to enjoy the rest of our afternoon in the beautifully decorated space, admiring the subtle Shanghainese features that this luxury hotel incorporates into their cleverly-designed atmosphere.


Chuan Spa Health + Wellness: Level 11, The Cordis, Hongqiao, Shanghai, 333 Shenhong Road, Minghang District 申虹路333号, 近苏虹路

Usually priced at 60 minutes/¥680, or 90 minutes/ ¥980. Chan Harmony and Afternoon Tea Package available until April 30th, 2018.