Wood-Fired Roasted Peking Duck

By 2018-12-27 15:00:25

This winter, treat yourself to Peking Duck at Xindalu

Xindalu - China Kitchen’s Roasted Peking Duck is cooked in an applewood and datewood fired Beijing-style oven. Authentic versions of the dish provide crispy skin, breast meat and leg meat, sliced in front of the diners by the chef. The meat has a delicate flavor and is served with scallions, cucumber and sweet bean sauce or garlic sauce, as well as pancakes to wrap the ingredients together.

The traditional way to enjoy Peking duck:

1. Crispy duck skin with sugar

2. Sliced duck breast with garlic sauce and duck sauce

3. Sliced duck leg with cucumber, scallion and duck sauce, wrapped in pancake

4. Fried duck bone, salt, Sichuan pepper

5. Double boiled duck soup, bean curd, and cabbage




1. 鸭胸皮蘸白砂糖,入口先脆后酥

2. 鸭胸肉蘸鸭酱,蘸蒜汁,瘦而不柴

3. 带皮鸭腿肉、黄瓜、京葱丝、蘸酱包薄饼

4. 鸭架做椒盐

5. 白菜、豆腐、 鸭骨汤

About Xindalu – China Kitchen:

Xindalu – China Kitchen prides itself on offering authentic Chinese regional cuisine, complemented by a fine selection of Chinese and international wines and teas. Featuring an open kitchen with four live cooking stations, the culinary action is visible to all and adds a sense of entertainment and flair to the chic and modern ambience of the restaurant. The restaurant’s signature dishes are the Peking Duck cooked in the wood-fired oven, the delicious Beggar’s Chicken and the Pyramid Braised Pork.