Welcome to Singapore!

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Eve Wee-Ang

As Singapore was recently cast in the spotlight as the home for the wealthy in the box office movie Crazy Rich Asians, it gives potential visitors the impression that my country is a playground for the rich.

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Though this not entirely wrong, since Singapore has one of the highest density of millionaires on the globe, the reality is that 80 percent of the population, including myself, are really just regular people trying to make a living, and this attitude is evident in our culture.

Food and Culture

One of the most important aspects in Singaporean culture is food. Eating is serious business in Singapore. It’s not uncommon you hear us wondering what to eat for lunch while having breakfast. When you greet a local, chances are they will ask you in their charming Singlish (Singaporean English), “Eat already?”

As a multi-racial society with Chinese being the majority race followed by Malays, Indians and Eurasians, the variety of cuisines offered is astounding. It genuinely is a foodie’s paradise, regardless of whether you have deep or shallow pockets. Most locals dine at hawker centres, Kopitiams (coffee shops) or food courts where a mind-boggling variety of affordable food choices await. But Singapore is also the proud holder of two Michelin one-star rated street food dishes:

Liao Fan Chicken Rice

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

Whilst in Singapore you must try one of my top five favourite Singaporean dishes:


Hainanese Chicken Rice


Roti Prata

Char Kway Teow


Curry Fish Head


Milo Dinosaur

Best things to do in Singapore

Photo by David Tay

Singapore is famously known as the 'Garden City', due to the fact that we are home to over 300 parks and four nature reserves, of which are all meticulously maintained and manicured. The best part? The parks are completely free! 

Photo by David Tay

Here you and your kids can experience the still beauty of nature by cycling on the park connector network that connects all of Singapore’s parks. This network effectively allows you to safely travel from one park to the other without worrying about your little ones running near a busy road! 

Photo by David Tay

The Park Connector took 25 years to complete, covers almost the entire island with a distance of over 300km and offers 6 loops at 800 metres each. Depending on the loop that you choose, families can enjoy the great outdoors whilst exploring wildlife, cafes, playgrounds, or beaches along the way. To indulge in your children’s interests in wildlife and local animals, visit the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Or for older children, you might want to try out a walking trail and experience the best of our outdoors.

For more info on the parks visit: https://www.nparks.gov.sg

Singapore Zoo & the Night Safari

Photo by David Tay

Based on an open-concept rainforest theme, the world-famous award-winning zoo is home to more than 2,400 specimens of over 300 species.

Photo by David Tay

Of these species 34 percent are endangered, however, Singapore zoo is internationally renowned for its conservation initiatives and breeding programs to promote the population. 

Photo by David Tay

Visitors here will have the opportunity to experience local wildlife through experiential learning. One of the highlights is the Wet Play Area at Kidzworld & Beyond. Here children can cool off in the animal-themed water sprays and a variety of water-flushed slides and tubes. So, remember to pack your swim wear! 

Photo by David Tay

Right next door is the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park, the Night Safari, which opens daily from 7.15pm to midnight. Close to 900 animals inhabit the 35-hectare park which focuses on the captive breeding of threatened species. Over the years, it has bred Malayan tigers, Asian elephants, Asian lions and many other threatened species. The best way to enjoy a night out in the wild is to embark on a Safari Adventurer Tour where you will hear fun stories about the animals you are about to meet.

Singapore Zoo: Adult price: 25 USD Child price: 16 USD

Night Safari: Adult price: 34USD Child price: 22 USD (all prices are roughly converted from Singapore Dollar not an exact amount)

Amazonia Singapore

As Singapore is a tropical island, the temperature is roughly a toasty 30 degrees year round, so, it's no wonder that our favourite activity is indoors with the air-conditioning blasting! Amazonia is one of many indoor playgrounds in Singapore, but it may well be the best. Suitable for kids of all ages, there are four attractions that will delight your toddlers and tweens, and best of all, their bistro serves up healthy nosh from a variety of cuisines; perfect if you have picky little ones!

3D Glow Golf: Suitable for ages four and above. Kids can try the nine-hole putting course enthralled with dinosaurs and pirates.

Jungle Play Gym: This 6 storey, 400 sqm gym has slides, ball pits, trampolines and suspension bridges enough to set your 3-12 year old’s adrenalin pumping!

Space Ball: Suitable for all ages, this glow in the dark cannonball room can hold up to eight players at one time while you battle out with the super soft balls!

Toddler Play: A softplay area with young kids in mind, ideal for up to three years old. Complete with interactive play panels, musical keyboards and a mini slide.

For more info on Amazonia visit: http://www.amazoniafun.com/

Getting to & around Singapore

Both Singapore Airlines and China Eastern Airlines offer a direct five and a half hour flight from Shanghai to Singapore.

Singapore is blessed with a clean and affordable public transport system and most places can be accessed by public buses, MRT (train) or taxi. Trips on average will cost you roughly 7 – 15 USD for a taxi ride and about 1.50 USD for a train/ bus ride.