West Lake Hideaway

By 2018-12-27 16:43:13

Hangzhou is the absolute must-see from your time living in Shanghai. And even if you've been there before, you've probably never seen it with the tranquility and space offered by this heritage-filled spot.

There are many excellent new hotels around Shanghai, but for a stay with whispers of history, opt for the Xihu State Guesthouse (www.xihusgh.com). When you arrive at the hotel, you'll wonder whether you are allowed in, as the uniformed sentries guard the entrance. Once you're through the friendly checkpoint, the grounds open up to reveal the specialty of the hotel.

While being only 15 minutes away from Hangzhou's city center, the Xihu State Guesthouse occupies a private peninsula of the West Lake. It means that you have the freedom to stroll around immaculately curated landscapes, waterside pavilions and Chinese-styled greenery that you will adore and the kids will be able to run around on. 

Our preferred room was located in building 7, over-looking a foreground of verdant splendour, with the West Lake itself discreetly calling to us. Instead of going to the crowded city centre, do some advance research on local restaurants in the nearby hills - the concierge can of course guide on this. The Chinese restaurant in the hotel is excellent, with Hangzhou-style food such as roast chicken, fresh fish dishes and local dim sum.

Chairman Mao stayed at this hotel 27 times, with a special spot charmingly denoted as "Chairman Mao views snow over the lake". You might not make it 27 times back, but the Xihu State Guesthouse will be a fond memory from your time in China.