Chinese secrets to great youthful skin

By 2018-12-27 17:30:24

When I turned 12, my mother advised me to start looking after my skin because makeup really is just a cover-up at the end of the day. My mother believes in nourishing the body from the inside out, thus when a low-fat diet was popular, back when we were young, she stubbornly fed us full-fat milk and cooked her dishes with homemade pork lard, believing you just shouldn’t mess with nature!

Whilst in Shanghai, I’ve been lucky enough to learn some beauty secrets that have been passed down through generations of Chinese mothers:


Avoid the sun

The morning sun is good for Vitamin D, but once the clock strikes 10am Chinese mothers will have you open up your ammunition (the umbrella) to shield your skin from the sun’s damaging effects.

Be asleep by 11pm

Chinese mothers believe that when we sleep, our body and major organs begin their miraculous self-healing and self-replenishing process from 11pm, so it’s crucial you get to bed early for that essential beauty sleep.


Keep your feet covered

You'll notice that the Chinese always wear socks, even in summer! This is to protect wind from entering the souls of their feet, and by keeping them warm you prevent minor and major ailments from invading the body.


Snack on red dates

China has a saying 一日吃三枣青春永不老 yí rì chī sān zǎo qīng chūn yǒng bù lǎo. Eat three dates a day for eternal youth. This super food con¬tains vitamin B, fibre and minerals.

Eat white fungus

White fungus is packed with skin boosting collagen, and anti-inflammatory goodness. White fungus is the magical beauty ingredient for most Chinese desserts.


Eat an early evening meal

Chinese mothers feed their family at 6pm, so that by the time they are asleep their food has been digested. This habit keeps you trim, and frees the body to concentrate on repairing cells, resulting in a healthier and more beautiful version of you!