Go Fish!

By ShanghaiFamily 2019-01-09 16:34:16

Turning making crafts into games with Montessori Academy Xiushan Academy


Step by Step

1. Using the inflator, inflate the balloon of your choice until you are happy with the size, and then tie a knot at the end.

2. Using the scissors, assist your little one to carefully cut out two small pieces of double-sided sticky tape and attach the pieces to the eyes by removing one side of the tape. Hold the balloon by the knot horizontally and then stick the eyes to either side of the knot.

3. To make the fins, take three different coloured pieces of paper and align them like a fan with one corner of each coming together to create a point. Take out a crayon and draw a semi circle across each piece of paper, and then help your little one to cut around the lines. Repeat this process for the other fin and tail.

4. Cut out and stick down three pieces of double-sided sticky tape to the tail and fins (the length of tape should be about half the length of the fins/ tail so that they can flap when the fish moves). When attaching to the body, make sure the pointed ends of the fins are pointing toward the ceiling and the tail is on the opposite end of the knot.

5. Finally, to make the fishing rod, take a paper stick and tie your coloured string to one end of the rod; secure into place with sticky tape. Secure the other end of the string to the top of your balloon fish using sticky tape.





• 1 balloon

• 1 inflator

• 1 paper stick

• 2 plastic googly eyes

• 1 pair of scissors

• 1 roll of double-sided sticky tape

• 1 crayon / pencil

• 1 metre of coloured string

• Fin: 6 pieces of square coloured paper (3 different colours)

• Tail: 3 pieces of square coloured paper (2 different colours)