Moments of Clarity

By Melissa Dawson 2019-04-29 15:42:23


However it happened, whether you are here for a brief assignment or putting down semi-permanent roots, you now find yourself here, trying to make the perfect educational choices for your child. This is a daunting prospect anywhere, but especially in this vast metropolis with an almost overabundance of styles and philosophies and /options/. Rest assured that you are not alone in your seemingly impossible quest. We’ve asked parents with the benefit of retrospection to share their insight with those of us still in the throws of the search.

Of course, each family has their own unique set of expectations and requirements. Some parents create a specific checklist and triple check that a prospective school meets all of their standards. Sail recommends parents request information about topics like regular pm2.5 measurement checks and a transparent food safety system already in place. These will reveal how conscientious the school is about other potential health and safety concerns.

Other families focus on finding the right emotional environment for their children. Emily from England says she knew they had found the right primary school when the interview was actually an enjoyable experience. “They took the kids out to play and just chatted with them, while all the other schools had sit-down exams, one on one. And she didn’t have to have a crazy CV at age 6.” The interview process can provide some insight as to the values held by a prospective school, making it a good opportunity to ensure they align with those of your own.

Michelle had some wise advice to share regarding the general atmosphere.. “You can see whether teachers genuinely love their job or not; it cannot be faked.”Charissa shared a heartwarming anecdote about a moment when she became completely confident in her decision. She confides: “Honestly, I knew I’d chosen the right kindergarten when the principal offered and then gave my son’s father a hug after a particularly difficult morning drop off. It showed me how in touch the school was with our child, but also with our family, and families of small children in general.”

After discussing these issues with a variety of parents who chose vastly different schools, it became apparent that while it can be easy to find a school that ticks the right boxes on paper, it is the intangible that seems to matter the most to nearly everyone. The pleasant interactions, the encouraging atmosphere, even that gut feeling or “Mother’s instinct”; these are the more difficult to define, but ultimately essential qualities that we must search for when making such an important choice..