7 Fun Places to Go with your Child

By Stuart Lancaster 2019-05-17 16:00:54

Children's day in China falls on June 1! Why not ignore adult responsibilities for one day and spend quality time with your kid...

Walking around the streets of Shanghai, you can hear the footsteps of kids running around without a care in the world. In fact, roughly 5 years ago, I would have been the most energetic of the bunch because what kid wouldn’t be excited on Children’s Day? Seeing that so many of my years were filled with such happiness, I’m saddened to say that as a teenager living in Shanghai, I cannot quite remember the appeal of this holiday. After all, when holidays are typically dedicated to celebrating influential people or important times in history, why bother celebrating children?

Some background information

In 1925, the United Nations declared November 20th as Universal Children’s day in an effort to promote the understanding of children around the world, raising awareness of children facing exploitation and discrimination. However, in China today, Children’s Day is a lighthearted reminder on June 1st of a child’s right to enjoy their childhood by giving them a day filled with fun.

With that in mind, I took a stroll through memory lane and a created a list of places where families can go on Children’s Day.

Happy Valley Shanghai 上 欢乐

We’ve all heard of Disney—and that is a great option—but if you’re looking for a more exhilarating option then Happy Valley might be for you. A favorite between teenagers and kids alike, Happy Valley boasts different themed areas with over 100 attractions and 7 rollercoasters!

Address: 888 Linhu Rd, Songjiang Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 201602 上 市松江区佘 湖 888号 邮编:201602

Changfeng Ocean World 洋公园

Where many of my childhood memories were made, Changfeng Ocean World shows more than 10,000 sea creatures including sharks, whales, penguins and more. As an added bonus, it has an auditorium for sea life shows large enough to seat 2,000 people!

Address: 525 Zaoyang Lu, near Guangfu Lu, Putuo district 普陀区枣阳 525号, 近光复

M&M’s World M 巧克 世界

What better way to treat your child than to surround them with sweets and toys—maybe the two key components of every child’s dream. Now, kids in Shanghai have the opportunity to live this dream in the official M&M’s world where colorful lights and decorations are accompanied by merchandize, customizable m&m’s, and chocolates as far as the eye can see.

Address: Brilliance Shimao International Plaza, Nan Jing Lu, Huangpu Qu 浦区南京东 829号百联世茂国际 场(近 藏中 )

Legoland Discovery Center 上 乐 探索中

Every kid has probably played with legos at least once. I myself had a few too many lego sets and whether it’s building the Star Wars Millennium Falcon or simply playing with a friend, Legoland lets every kid live out the story of a lego character. When everyone’s all tired out, you can shop their latests products and bring the fun home with you.

Address: 2nd Floor, Joy City Changfeng No.196, DaDuHe Road. 普陀区 渡河 196号 悦城室内 楼

Kerry Hotel Pudong 嘉 酒店

The Kerry Hotel in Pudong is more of an amusement park than a hotel. Inside, there’s several themed exploring areas, a kiddie pool where swimming lessons are offered and heated jacuzzis, as well as a playground with bouncy castles, swings, and slides. Your child’s laughter and smiles will definitely be worth staying the night!

Address: 1388 Huamu Rd, Shi Ji Park, Pudong Xinqu 浦东新区世纪公园花 1388号

When all is said and done, it doesn’t matter where you go to on Children’s Day. You could watch a movie, go out to the park and fly and kite, even stay at home. What does matter is spending time with your child because just like me, when they grow up, they may not remember exactly where they went, but they will remember that childlike sense of happiness.