A Bright Future Ahead

By shfamily 2019-05-19 22:18:40

We talk to Year 13 Dulwich Pudong students about what they plan to study in university and why.

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I would like to study medicine at Queen Mary. I’ve always been interested in medicine but I was inspired to study it after a trip to Uganda where I met people who had very little access to medical care.


I would like to study hospitality and business management at the Emirates Academy in Dubai because I’m a people person and this career would mean that I got to meet new people all the time.


I hope to study anthropolgy in Edinburgh. I want to better understand myself as a human being and know how we survive and live in society.


I want to study music and engineering in Southampton. There are plenty of musicians out there, so I look forward to combining music with science as well as doing practical experiments and research.


I’m interested instudying law in London and am thinking about becoming a solicitor.