Hooray for the holidays!

By shfamily 2019-05-19 22:29:44

We asked the pupils of Concordia International School Shanghai what they like most about the holidays.


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Katie Y. (14)

My favourite holiday is Seolnal. This holiday has a lot of meaningful memories. When I was young, my cousins and I would visit my grandparents’ house, wearing Korean traditional clothes called Hanbok. During Seolnal, Koreans have a traditional custom where people visit neighbours and share words of blessing.

Andrew B. (13)

Christmas is my favourite holiday! One of my favourite things to do is help set up the tree and put ornaments on it. I enjoy Christmas with my family. Every year my dad and I go snowboarding. On Christmas Day my family and I open presents under the tree.

Joon Y. (11)

The thing I like most about Seolnal is when the children bow deeply to elders, and the elders give children money to wish them luck, like a Hongbao in China.

Suhaas M. (12)

My favourite festival is Diwali . This is a Hindu festival that lasts for five magical days. In Shanghai we still celebrate but with less fireworks.

Nason L. (11)

My favourite holiday is Christmas because I can spend time with my family, and also go to many different places. I also only really get to see my aunt during Christmas, so I like that about it too.