Shaking to Success at SEIPS

By Stu Lancaster 2019-05-24 15:49:27

Do a family craft that makes your child more aware of recycling

Recycled maracas are a great way to recycle those left over Easter eggs after they have served their purpose.

Book Tip: Read books about recycling to get into the spirit! We love a book called Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel. It can open a conversation about cleaning up our city. It’s amazing how we can repurpose things that we would normally throw away. This is a wonderful way to create and innovate while doing your part to save the environment! See what other instruments or toys that you can create using recycled materials!

You will need for this wonderful Eco Craftivity

• Recycled plastic spoons

• Plastic Easter eggs

• Dried rice

• Child-safe scissors

• Beans or corn

• Tape (colourful tape is great if you have it)


Scoop any combination of rice, beans and corn into one side of the egg.



Close the cover on the egg.

Put the egg between two spoons and squeeze the bottoms tightly together.

Tape the handles of the spoons and tape the top part.


Thank you to SEIPS for sharing this wonderful Eco Friendly Craftivity!