Good Vibrations

By Shanghai Family 2019-05-29 11:52:35


Reiki Master Gabriel Salazar explains the benefits of sound healing for pregnancy.


Can sound healing relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression in pregnant women?

Sound healing (or musical therapy) as an alternative therapy can help pregnant women and their babies in many ways. Because the mother is working with energy, the vibrations interacting with her body and brain can help to slow down frequencies and can therefore contribute to reaching an inner state of peace and balance. A sound healing session is like receiving an energetic massage which helps to promote a healthy movement of qi or energy. As a result, the mother can release tensions and emotions, giving her the chance to lower levels of stress and anxiety. These sessions also provide the perfect environment for meditation.

As for the baby, it will help in his/her development, creating connections in the body and brain that will provide a general state of wellbeing.


Can sound healing be useful in dealing with pain relief during pregnancy?

Sound healing can relieve pains and aches related to pregnancy as the pregnant woman will have the chance to rest her body and mind while receiving sound, giving her body the space to heal.


Can you tell us a bit about your prior experience in music and alternative therapies?

Before learning sound healing, I was offering reiki which is healing with energy. Moreover, before starting my path with the singing bowls, I was in the music industry. Through that, I realised music is a spiritual experience which gave me the motivation to explore more about healing processes with singing bowls.


Does the fetus respond more to certain kinds of music or are there recommended genres of music that help babies develop intellectually?

I believe certain genres can provide unique benefits to the fetus as they convey a specific vibration that the baby receives. I think if it is done with awareness and connecting with the energy of that baby, whatever music the baby is exposed to will provide a good environment for his/her development.


Could you give us an insight as to what a musical therapy session would entail for someone who is pregnant and under some stress?

Every sound healing is different and unfolds according to the person’s needs. For a pregnant woman, the session tends to be softer and without physical contact as she is more sensitive. It is more about allowing her to rest and sleep sometimes. As for a stressed person, the session can be active with the chance of meditation. It is enabling the person to release things that are creating conflict. Everything starts in the mind and the main purpose of sound healing is to provide the opportunity to slow down the mind.


Gabriel Salazar

Reiki Master


Gabriel’s practice includes Reiki healing, energy cleansing, chakra harmonization, rebirth and empowering rituals, among others. A Master of Lama Fera and sound healing, Gabriel uses his skills to help his patients grow, learn, and find inner peace through alternative healing.