Sartorial Summer

By Eve Wee-Ang, model photographer Wei Kuan Tay 2019-05-29 15:37:24

Summer is finally upon us! With bountiful sunshine and sweltering heat in Shanghai, it is time to shed the layers and ease into comfortable separates that cools. Natural breathable materials like cotton and linen are wonderful classics for beating the heat. Summer is also a fun time to add colours and prints to your wardrobe to welcome the season's rainbow of bright happy shades from nature. Cue your inspiration from the glorious colours of blooming flowers, fresh tropical fruits and colourful birds that are sparking with joy around us. If you prefer to dial it down, subtly accent with a pop of colour from accessories like a bright straw bag, summer flip flops or even a printed bathing suit that should whisk you off to a beach vacation mood in a jiffy!

This summer issue, we are happy to have the Harders who hail from Canada and have been living in Shanghai for 8 years. The family of five spends two weeks in Shanghai during the summer and the rest of the school's summer vacation in their home country. This is also the time when kids are most excited as they wrap up their school year and look forward to the long holiday ahead.


Kid's Style


During summer, Hanna escapes the scorching heat by swimming at her local pool and visiting the indoor trampoline park at Jump 360. She does this in her favourite ensemble of cotton blouse and denim shorts from Gap and H&M. When asked what's her favourite colour, she replied "teal" - a gorgeous greenish blue shade - and confesses to having an obsession with unicorns. To ward off mozzies and look equally chic outdoors, Hannah wears lava rock bracelets handmade from the Pearl Market where mum drips essential oils on them.

Thanks to Hanna Harder, 7 for being our June model.

Girl's unicorn fitflops, 79Yuan, 哈木丁旗舰店

Girl's bathing suit, 58Yuan, 口袋里的童年




Kid's Style

J oel, 9, is looking forward to going camping with his dad this summer in Canada where he can learn fishing and hang out with his cousins. He loves t-shirts and shorts especially when they are in his favourite colours of black and red. For shoes, he likes Canadian brand Native. Kyle, 5, adores his brother so much that he feels extremely proud donning hand-me-downs from him because they are all soft and vintage. Kyle has a passion for dinosaurs and is looking forward to go-karting in Shanghai when school's out.

Thanks to June models, brothers Joel and Kyle Harder

Boy's waterproof shoes, 359Yuan,Native@Tmall

Boy's T-shirt, Mocrel 旗舰店@tmall, 72RMB


Parent Style


Doreen, a stay-home mum who keeps fit by horse riding in Chongming Island and looks forward to hiking this summer. Shopping-wise, Doreen loves colourful long flowy dresses in cotton stretchy fabrics that she buys from Gap which she pairs with Havaianas fit flops. Summer is also a time when Doreen enjoys wearing floral prints and her favourite bright yellow as it enhances the sunshine that exudes from her.

Thanks to Doreen Harder, mum of three for being our gorgeous summer model.


Women's beach basket, 99 Yuan, 草艺世家

Women's dress, 432 Yuan, sincethen服饰旗舰店 Women's dress, 398Yuan, sincethen服饰旗舰店


Parent Style


Jim, a pilot, that loves the great outdoors and will seek any opportunity to bring his family out for camping, BBQs and picnics, when the weather warms up. A fan of Birkenstocks sandals, Jim loves linen shirts and shorts which he buys from Old Navy.

Thanks to Jim Harder, dad of three for being our June model.

Men's linen shirt in mint, 399 Yuan, 得闲

Men's Waterproof sandals, 349 Yuan, Birkenstocks/ Men's red linen shorts, 199 Yuan @ C&A



Family Fashionistas

Petit Bateau have some great fashions for the whole family

Father and son fashionistas pose in their casual afternoon wear. Lou wears a fashionable long sleeved jumper contrasted with a bright sleeveless jacket made from soft, warm, quilted tube knit. Practical, functional and perfect for all the seasons.

Petit Bateau was established in 1893 in France. For more than one hundred years, it has followed the principle of "quality first" as well as focusing on the key elements of thoughtfulness, freedom, and frankness and integrating these into the spirit of the brand. Petit Bateau is inspired by children's childhood innocence, bringing freedom, confidence and joy to kids with its quality, comfort and softness.

Quilted Tube Knit Sleevless Jacket


Lulu (below) wears a Parisian cashmere sweater with a comic motif , contrasted with chino jeans.

Lou (left) sports a long-sleeved T-shirt with the Petit Bateau badge, which is inspired from their range of iconic raincoats with their signature pinstriped finish.

Family Fun

Devoted mother Lulu balances motherhood with running a luxury fashion boutique with a celebrity clientele. Her company also works with influential families and film producers and offers high-end real estate and a plethora of lifestyle concepts.




During the approaching summer months do not forget to accessorise with a pair of chique, rounded, tortoise-shell sun glasses. They are both elegant and protect against those harmful U.V. rays.