Fashion Conscience

By Eve Wee-Ang, model photographer Wei Kuan Tay 2019-05-29 16:04:33

Kids Style


Emma 8, has a lovely face brimful of cute freckles that seems to twinkle in the spring sunshine. She loves dresses and her favourite colour is pink. But don't be fooled by her feminine choices as her mom insists she is actually a tomboy at heart being influenced by her two brothers. Emma loves clothes from H&M Conscious sustainable label as the organic cotton feels soft and comfortable. For spring, she loves a splash of colour on her leggings paired with a pretty smock. Emma doesn't use disposable plastic straws anymore because she doesn't want the tortoises and dolphins to swallow them in the sea.

Girl's beige boot, 159 Yuan, H&M

Girl's multi coloured tights, 19.90Yuan, 松子袜铺@Taobao

Girl's smock 晨舞童装亲子装定制 @Taobao, 289 Yuan

Sustainability is on everyone's radar now as clothing manufacturers seek kinder ways to produce the clothes we buy. Conscientious fashion does not have to mean rejecting desirability or beauty, either. Instead we find green crusaders with chic, like French-American Bea Johnson and China's Elsa Tang, espousing less wasteful ways of living while looking good.

I am consciously choosing to buy “lesser but better” – clothes that last. Having edited my wardrobe down 5 years ago, I now focus on what I really love. Shopping is more efficient since I am done experimenting with styles that I know will not work for me. For this eco month, we looked at a French family in Shanghai who try to balance having a green conscience while looking good.




Kids Style

Romeo, 5, is a cheerful boy who lights up the room with his cherubic face. He loves wearing hoodies in spring with a pair of hi-tops and posing with his little hands tucked into his pockets. Romeo susses out the shops at Neon Kids Plaza at Pu'an Lu that carries cool kid's clothes from South Korea like Anlitown that befits his cool swagger. Romeo believes in saving water by filling only what he needs in his cup when brushing his teeth.

Thanks to May model Romeo Creteur.

Boy's hi-tops, 89Yuan, Feiyue Kids

Boy's long sleeve tee, 89 Yuan, Rice & Sky @ Taobao


Parent Style


Elodie proudly extols her "Made in Shanghai" label by working with local suppliers that honour her non toxic promise in accordance with REACH compliance, the European watchdog for harmful chemicals. Elodie donates her family's clothes to The Fiber Project, a cradle to cradle charity initiative in Shanghai that sends gently used items to the people in need in China. Style-wise, Elodie is a bohemian at heart who has a soft spot for tassels and bling but always juxtaposes with jeans and sneakers from Golden Goose to balance it out. She digs labels like eco friendly Louko and french brand Zadig Voltaire.

Thanks to Elodie Creteur, chic mum of three kids and founder of eco-conscious label Mon P'tit Boudoir.

Women's spring coat, 249 Yuan, 嬉游记@Taobao

Women's denim, 228Yuan, AEL Studio@ Taobao


Parent Style


Ludwig Creteur, works in the garment manufacturing industry and is a brain pool of information as he shares the challenges that the industry faces in pushing towards achieving sustainability. One hurdle being the higher cost for green efforts which ultimately affects the end consumer. But with growing awareness around the world, Ludwig is hopeful shopping with a conscience is here to stay and economies of scale will help bring prices down. Ludwig's casual work environment allows him to dress down. He likes to accentuate his favourite denim get-up with a handmade bracelet from markets in France and retro sneakers. Diesel, Sandro Men and eco label JOIN LIFE by Zara are brands he enjoys.

Men's Jeans, 1697 Yuan, G-star Raw

Men's denim jacket, 799 Yuan, Rizhuo @Taobao