Fitness Fashions

By Eve Wee-Ang 2019-05-29 16:22:17

Sportswear and fashion are now such a fine line that there’s even a word for it: Athleisure which means the marriage of athletic and leisure wear. Casual clothes that are designed for working out and hanging out. Sports labels are riding this growing trend by collaborating with fashion designers to merge both worlds and banking generous sections of real estate space for athleisurewear.

The most appealing reason for its popularity is that athleisurewear marries comfort and style to allow busy parents to zip from the gym to school pickups or the office without looking too dishevelled. In fact, at highbrow events, it is now acceptable and chic even, to pair a fancy dress or tux with sneakers – a drip down effect of athleisure influence!

The trend creates a positive loop as people are starting to be mindful of their physical and mental health which can be achieved by adopting a healthy lifestyle of conscious eating and exercising. With social media, everyone seems to be living under a lens which makes looking good while sweating out even more important.

For this issue, we take a peek into the fitness fashion wardrobe of a tennis enthusiast, a football player, a yoga instructor and a personal trainer!

Girl's sports jacket, 348 Rmb by Anta

Kids Style


Avin Saleh, 7, leads an active lifestyle. She does Spartan races, enjoys a game of tennis and loves to dance. Her fitness wardrobe is a kaleidoscope of colors and she favors local sports brand Anta as well as Nike for kids. As tennis is an outdoor sport and therefore weather dependent, she loves to layer a tee shirt preferably from her favorite characters Moana or Pocahontas underneath a sports jacket. She then pairs with it a pair of tights and is ready to hit some balls. Avin eats healthily but confess to having a weakness for French fries.

Girl's trainers, 159Rmb by Anta

Girl's tennis skirt with tights 149 Rmb

Kids Style


Ang Tzn, 9, dreams of being a professional football player when he grows up just like his idol Cristiano Ronaldo. His favorite teams are Juventus, Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain which also explains his choice of palette being black, white, red and blue. Given a choice, Ang Tzn would live in a football jersey every single day especially when it’s from his favourite sports team. Ang Tzn aspires to eat all his vegetables on his plate so that he can have his favourite chocolate ice-cream for dessert.

Long sleeve tee 159 Rmb Li-Ning kids

Boy's sports jacket, 898 Rmb by New Balance

Boys BOA trainers 658Rmb by New Balance

Parent Style


Anne-Sophie Kasper is a yoga instructor and a mum of two who clearly loves athleisurewear which takes her from yoga to home. When teaching yoga, she likes wearing a cropped top paired with tights to keep her cool and comfortable. She loves plain and printed designs, but they have to go together else it will look either too busy or too dull. Anne-Sophie buys any brands that catches her eyes like this pair of tights she is wearing from Versace Sports but tends to gravitate towards Lululemon and Adidas by Stella McCartney.

Tights, 850 Rmb by Lululemon Flower

Cropped top, 549 Rmb by Adidas Stella McCartney

Parent Style


Raman Saleh is a dad of two who walks the talk with his own “SalehStrong” warrior logo of advocating making ourselves proud by giving 100% for everything we do. This is evident in his active lifestyle as a competitive triathlete and personal trainer. Raman loves happy shiny colours especially red. When he is working out, he likes wearing tights underneath his top and shorts to soak up the sweat. To head home, he simply throws on a loose and comfy top. His favorite brands for his fitness fashion fix include Nike and Lululemon.

Sports bag, 149 Rmb by Anta

Training top by Nike 169 Rmb