The Right Fit

By Ariana Crisafulli 2019-06-04 16:09:09

The first thing that caught my attention when I entered the lovely Zegering-Hadder home was the spaciousness of their back garden. The second was that there was a pool in it. Living in Shanghai, a garden is hard to come by, but finding a pool in a Shanghai home is like discovering a unicorn on your morning walk.



Noor Zegering-Hadder, who was born and raised in The Netherlands, says that the pool was the reason her and her husband, Roderick, chose the home. Before they moved to Shanghai, they lived for five years in Johannesburg, South Africa, where they had a large home with a pool. The year-round temperate weather in Johannesburg afforded her three children – daughters Philine (11) and Sterre (9), and son Boudie (6) - plenty of time for outdoor play. Noor says they were in the pool nearly every day. She loved that her kids enjoyed the outdoor activities so much, and appreciated that it kept them off the iPads and doing something active instead. She wanted the same opportunities for her children in Shanghai as well. Although Shanghai’s weather is not always as wonderful as it is in Johannesburg, their outdoor area with comfy couches, dining table, and pool is enough to make any visitor swoon at any time of the year. I certainly did.



Having worked as an interior designer in London, Noor has a great eye for décor. She says that she had a reputation for pickiness at her old job, but also says that her husband is just as discerning with his taste. She describes the décor of her home as “contemporary with some antique pieces, accompanied with pieces from Africa.”



Noor thinks that the large, vivid furniture they brought from Johannesburg look too big and bright for the smaller Shanghai home, but when they moved to Johannesburg, their London furniture was too small and dark. In expat life, where you must change home and country every few years, finding the right home can certainly feel like playing a game of Goldilocks as you try to find the home (and the furniture) that fits just right. As evidenced by the Zegering-Hadder home, what you often end up with is a beautiful smorgasbord of styles, furnishings, and family memories.

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