Fun Exercises for Little Hands

By Beth R 2019-06-21 18:01:19

Four great early education activities to develop fine motor skills from Concordia Shanghai

Materials Needs

• Spray bottle • Shape cutters • Pompoms

• Felt tip pens • Play dough • Sand

• White card • Rolling pin • Tray

• Empty egg carton • Kids tweezers


1 Sort the Pompoms


This fun game can be altered to sort by size, shape or colour. Top tip: if you don’t have tweezers, try with chopsticks.


2 Sand Shapes


Great for learning shapes and letters! Top tip: if you don’t have sand you can use sugar, salt or sprinkles.

3 Roll the Dough

Perfect activity to help your little ones turn into early bakers. Top tip: there are plenty of play dough recipes online, so why not try to make your own at home?


Shoot the Monster

Draw your monster on card using felt tip pen. Fill a spray bottle with water. Then shoot water at your monster and watch it melt! This activity is particularly good for developing muscles needed to squeeze things and hold things.

Special thanks to pre-kindergarten teacher Adelina and her two sons Robbie and Ryan from Concordia Shanghai.