Blossoms in Spring

By Beth Roulston 2019-06-24 14:02:28

Make a beautiful blossom tree with Little Scholar Academy Jin Qiao


What you need

• Black paint, white cardboard

• Glue/ double sided sticky tape

• Paintbrushes • Pink tissue paper

• Optional (buttons, jewels, sequins)


Step by Step

1 On your piece of white cardboard draw the trunk of your tree using black paint and a paintbrush.

2 Now add some branches to your tree.

3 Put small dots of glue next to your branches where you want your blossoms to go.

4 To make the blossoms scrunch up small pieces of your tissue paper into small balls and then stick them to your branches.

Special thanks to Teacher Ky De Jajer and students of Little Scholar Academy Jin Qiao - Lion, Tony and Alan.