Journey of Change!

By Eve Wee-Ang 2019-06-24 16:24:45

Reflecting on the school year is best when it is a collaboration between child and parent

The last school bell rings. It's a wrap! School is out as kids clean out their cubby holes and bid farewell to their friends and teachers before they begin their long summer break. A plethora of emotions are on display from both parents and kids as they deal with departures either themselves or their close friends. For stayers, feelings can be equally melancholic. Part of life's journey is change. Here are six salves to soothe the transition.

Strolling Down Memory Lane

The school yearbook is a wonderful opportunity for parents to get cosy with their kids as you would with a bedtime story. But instead of you reading to them, watch the tide turn. Thumb through the pages together and let your kids initiate as they recall and reminisce their fondest memories of their school year. Ask them about their favourite teachers and friends and be prepared for endless classroom tales.

Reflecting on the Highest and Lowest Moments

One of my favourite bedtime rituals with my kids is reflecting on their highest and lowest moments of the day. This allows us to celebrate and empathise with their inevitable ups and downs in their school journey. Similarly, I like to end the school year by encouraging my children to take time to pause and reflect on their highest and lowest moments of their school year. When our children share their lowest moments, we remind them how strong they have emerged and the lessons it has taught them. Leave the highest moments to the end so that the whole family can celebrate and do a victory dance together!

Gratitude and Forgiveness

We do not like everyone we meet in life and this is no different in our children's world. There will be some students in school that they find it hard to get along with or may have encountered some unpleasant experiences.

Encourage your child to forgive and not dwell on negative aspects and suggest that perhaps the other child is having a bad day herself/himself. Suggest to your child, that they should make new friends when school re-opens and, most importantly, appreciate the friends that they enjoy playing with.

Staying in Touch

For children, coping with the loss of a best friend who has left the country can be heartbreaking. Make a pact with their parents by encouraging your child to make a personalised card with their favourite summer holiday photo as a parting memento. Mail out the card at the same time, so the chances of them receiving simultaneously is higher. This way, they have a keepsake from their long-distance friend that both can cherish.

Choosing a Joyful Life

The end of the school year is also a wonderful time for parents and kids to evaluate activities that fulfils them most. When deciding which sports and activities to continue, I like to give a range to my kids for them to think through. Example: 0 - 5 with 5 being happiest, how does taekwondo make you feel, right now?

Hopes & Fears of Transitions

Finally, as our kids ready themselves to move up to a higher grade, hold a family discussion and write down everyone's hopes and fears for the new school year in a journal including the hopes of the parents also. This way, our children are aware that having hopes and fears are part and parcel of moving on in life and that no matter what, the family is always there for each other.