One Starry Night Review

By Stu Lancaster 2019-08-02 15:58:55

One Starry Night is a Good Choice for Family Fun

I have seen a lot of performances in Shanghai and most of the time I go with a limited expectation of children's theatre. I went along to the Grand Theatre with ambivalence but was pleasantly rewarded.  This performance, firstly was packed to the rafters thus reflecting popularity. Secondly, it was incredibly engaging and a brilliant way for the whole family to learn about art.

There is a simple story between the two characters and they had a great way of making the show immersive and interactive whenever they could. The show is performed in English but there is not too much dialogue so it is also perfect for both Chinese and expat families. There is a Chinese introduction but otherwise most of the performances are in mime and focused upon the arts.

The show begins with a magnificent concert pianist playing a range of live musical pieces that accompany the show. From Mozart to Chopin she accompanies the show perfectly. The story is loosely based around the film 'The Night at the Museum' but in a much more simplified format for all children under the age of 8. The art ranges from Monet to Seurat amd is mostly impressionist in nature. Actually I learned about Georges Seurat and about classical music. 

All of the children are given paint-brushes to pain along in a wonderful experience that everyone participated in.Everyone enjoyed the performance and I could my son laughing all the way through  My favourite part was the interactivity, when they exhibited the Kandinsky circles it began to rain colourful ping pong balls. They also used lighting imaginatively to convey the ambiance of 'Starry starry night' by Van Gogh and project stars on to the ceiling. 


All in all it is very creative and imaginative and encourages your child into appreciating art which is something I have never seen successfully done for small children but this production has done it. If your child is studying art in IB PYP you can learn a whole unit in one performance. Sadly, this will be their last week in Shanghai but they will return in December. Watch this space!


Family Theatre: 9/10

Value: 8.5/10

Story and interest for adults: 8/10

Overall: 9/10


When: August 2nd - August 11th 2019

Venue: Shanghai Grand Theatre

300 Remin Dadao, Near Huangpi Bei LU

Nearest metro People's Square

Prices start at 180rmb - 480rmb