University Counselor – Sewanee: The University of the South

By ShanghaiFamily 2019-08-15 17:49:40

University Website:

Institutional Type: 
Liberal Arts & Sciences

Location: Sewanee, TN

Average Cost of Attendance for International Students (including tuition, room and board, etc.): 
$63,740 is the total cost of attendance for international students

Requirements to be accepted at Tulane University

GPA Range: 3.79

SAT/ACT/IB score range: 
1250-1390 SAT, 27-32 ACT, 35+ IB

English Language Requirements (DET/TOEFL/IELTS): 
95+ in TOEFL, 7.0 IELTS, 73 Duolingo, 70 PTE Academics


Are merit or need based scholarships available for international students?

Both are offered. Scholarships range in value and could cover up to the full cost of attendance (tuition, room, board, and fees). This year’s average was $30,000 in merit awards. International students who submit the International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) will be considered for need-based aid. There is no separate application for merit scholarships.

List the programs that your university is most known for and include any special programs that you would like to highlight.

Being that Sewanee is a Liberal Arts and Sciences University consistently ranked in the top 50 Liberal Art Colleges in the United States, our students tend to study in both Humanities and various Science offerings. Specifically, our students study Biology, Environmental Science, Environmental Policy, English, Economics, International Global Studies, History, and Creative Writing. Most notable is that our students have consistently been admitted into top-tier Medical Schools at a rate of 91% on their first try, while the percentage is 95% for business and law schools. Students also have the chance to double major in any area or specifically in Engineering. Sewanee partners with Columbia University, Rensselaer Polytechnic University, and Washington University in St. Louis for a 3-2 Engineering program Sewanee also sends students to Vanderbilt’s Peabody School for Education through our Education department. Finally, for students interested in completing a fully paid summer internship with Sewanee graduate, Dr. Linda Mayes with Yale University’s Childhood Development Center, that option is available as well.

How strong is your alumni network throughout Asia?

The Sewanee alumni network is not large, but it is growing as Sewanee increases its international recruitment. One of our notable alumni in the region, Tang Ning (C ‘98) founded and is the CEO of CreditEase, a global financial corporation headquartered in Beijing.

The Sewanee alumni network is accessible virtually, and alumni are very eager to help students. Many alumni who work in the United States travel to and have business in Asia.

Please provide a brief description of the type of student who thrives in your university setting.

• Students interested in sustainability, nature, and outdoor activities

• Students who enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment to a bustling metropolis

• Students who are interested in being part of a close-knit community and developing relations with their fellow students, faculty, and staff members

• Academically-driven students who are interested both in academic excellence, as well as social consciousness and community enrichment

• Students who want to enhance their collegiate experience through hands-on research, an internship, or study abroad

• Students interested in a small faculty-to-student ratio and close relationships with other students in their majors and classes

What are the benefits of students attending university in your location?

• Close mentorship between professors and students (10:1 student-to-faculty ratio)

• Ample opportunity for academic research with experts in the student’s field of study

• Small classroom sizes

• Intentional career preparation, both with academic opportunities and with the services of Sewanee’s Office of Career and Leadership Development

• A safe and secure campus and community environment

• Substantial opportunity for extracurricular involvement and leadership

• Significant support and empowerment from the international student office

• The Sewanee Pledge: the opportunity to study away (on an international or domestic program) and guaranteed funding for students to conduct research with faculty or pursue an internship

What percentage of graduates go into the workforce within six months of graduation?

Seventy four percent.

Note: The vast majority of international student graduates (88%) remain in the U.S. immediately after graduation for employment or graduate school opportunities. These opportunities better prepare them to return to Asia afterward or to continue to work in the U.S. 91% of international students employed after graduation are employed in the U.S.

What percentage of students go to graduate school after graduating?

• 15.5 % go immediately

• 55 % of graduates eventually obtain a graduate or professional degree

• 95% of international graduates pursue a graduate degree or enter the workforce within six months of graduation. Specifically, 56% of international graduates enter the workforce and 39% attend graduate school after graduation

What services are provided for helping international students transition into life on campus and supporting them while there?

• Comprehensive, multi-day international student orientation

• Professional international staff dedicated to advising students and assisting with immigration, health, medical, academic, social, and tax questions

• Integrated advising by faculty members, which entails a combination of academic advising with career discernment and preparation

• Frequent multicultural campus programming throughout the academic year

• Weekend visits to local metropolitan cities

• Community-wide friendship family program

• Student mentors for first semester freshmen

• Academic writing center

• Speaking and listening center

• Finding Your Place (FYP)

What services does your career center offer that are specific to international students who want to securely relocate to their home country to work after graduation?

Both our Office of Career and Leadership Development and the Office of Global Citizenship work with students that are looking to go back home. They help students connect with businesses in their home country while also reaching out to fellow alumni prior to returning home.

What level of assistance does your career center provide in helping international students find internships and post graduate employment?

Both our Office of Career and Leadership Development and the Office of Global Citizenship work hand in hand to assure that any student, international included, can obtain an internship or employment no matter where that may be. Just last summer we hosted students on summer internships in over 15 different countries and 23 different states. All services from both offices are free and open to students all four years and after they graduate.