Escape to... The Yellow Mountains

By Beth Roulston 2019-11-01 11:35:06


If you take a quick glance at the ‘top 15 things to do in Huangshan’ you’ll immediately notice that most of them are related to the mountain. When choosing a day to hike Huangshan, I cannot emphasise this enough, select a day when it’s not forecasted to rain. Rain equals thick mist which means no gorgeous views!

Also, opt for taking the cable car on the way up and down, as this will prevent your little ones from becoming too tired and provide some breathtaking views!




Aside from the magical world of Huangshan, our personal favourite had to be Hongcun Village, which is a good 1.5 hours drive north from Huangshan city centre. This World Cultural Heritage Site has been the backdrop for many Chinese films and you will immediately understand why. From its beautiful, old winding streets, to a mirroresque lake in its centre, a day here will feel like a journey through time.




If you’re a fan of buying little souvenirs and quirky knickknacks do not miss Tunxi Old Street. Here you will find lots of cute handmade accessories and clothes, plus an abundance of delicious street food, and plenty of other treats. Best time of day is late afternoon as this when the streets come alive with sights, sounds, and smells.



While visiting this spectacular area there are several things you must try. The first has to be the smelly mandarin fish, but don’t let the name fool you this dish is delicious. However, if the dish costs over 100 RMB turn around, walk away, and tell yourself that pretty tables and shiny menus are not a guide for eating well in Huangshan.

The second thing is the weird but wonderful furry tofu or 虎皮毛豆腐 hǔ pí máo dòu fu. This unusual street snack tastes a little like cheese and is slightly chewy. For dining in the evenings, I highly recommend 黄山老妈 Huangshan lǎo mā here you’ll find some really tasty, reasonably priced dishes no matter whether you’re looking for meaty or veggie friendly cuisine. 30 Huashan Lu, next to the river.



Depending on your budget (and where you want to stay), Huangshan has a wide variety of hotels varying from the super inexpensive to downright scandalous. However, when travelling with little ones you want to stay somewhere that has a few family comforts. My personal recommendation would be Libre Resorts, located in the city just a short walk from Tunxi Old Street. Not only does this hotel have gorgeous views of the city and fantastic facilities like a pool and a kids play area, it even has a tour company located in the lobby. Tours of the mountain and nearby historic villages generally only need to be booked a day in advance and they give you genuine advice as to which days are best for visiting the mountain.