WATCH: Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong 'Kids Talk'

By Shanghai Family 2019-11-22 15:50:28

Students of Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong discuss the valuable life lessons they have learned by being part of the school's rugby team.


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Lucian: Comradery is a big deal in rugby. It’s necessary to ensure that all of the players bond, which improves communication both on and off the field.

Phil: Whilst rugby is a strong contact sport, it’s also a game for gentlemen. It’s vital to have respect for the opponent and for the referee.

Jamie: Rugby forces you to be disciplined. When things go wrong, you have to maintain composure and a cool head in order to stay focused.

Owen: Being captain of the rugby team has taught me a lot about responsibility. I’m not just keeping everyone motivated, I have to lead by example and be a role model.

Ji Zhe: I’ve learned the importance of forgiveness. When someone in your team makes a mistake, you just have to move on. There’s more to rugby than just winning.

Filippo: Working as a team means we’ve built strong relationships. Teamwork means trusting that they have your back and that you have theirs.