Reconnecting Body to Mind

By Dr Paul Schoenle 2019-11-25 10:30:26

Dr Paul Schoenle, Chief Physician of SIMC Rehabilitation Medicine Department – supported by Consanas, talks through neurorehabilitation

Consanas Rehabilitation is a healthcare service developed by Boehringer Ingelheim, aiming to introduce a world-class stroke rehabilitation model to China. In March 2018, Consanas Rehabilitation teamed up with SIMC to build a first-rate rehabilitation centre in Shanghai. With their commitment to helping patients live independently, overcome dysfunction and re-adapt to the life, work, and society they enjoyed before illness, we met with Chief Rehabilitation Physician, Dr Paul Schoenle, to find out more.

What is neurological rehabilitation?

Neurological rehabilitation is a doctor-supervised programme designed to help people who suffer from injuries, disorders or diseases of the nervous system restore bodily functions, reduce symptoms and improve their overall wellbeing.

What are the five most common injuries an adult can suffer with that require neurorehabilitation to aid recovery?

The most common ones are strokes (which have been known to occur in adults of all ages), TBI (traumatic brain injury), car/motorcycle accidents, accidents that occur in factories and accidents while doing sports.

Which areas of medicine does the centre specialise in?

We offer state-of-the-art neurological, orthopaedic, cardiac and postpartum rehabilitation treatment, with a focus in neurological rehabilitation.

What are the benefits of Consansas’ Patient-Centric services?

The Consanas treatment philosophy is based on a century of German neurological rehabilitation practices and rigorous, evidence-based experience. At Consansas, we develop diversified, detailed and caring therapeutic plans based on the individual needs and requirements of our patients. To ensure the best possible recovery, we offer a full-time case manager to help patients and their families set prioritised goals based on a detailed analysis of their daily life, including work, hobbies and social situations. By offering some of the best international medical expertise in this field, those who are living far from their native countries can feel confident that they can get tailored, high-quality treatment for their family right here in Shanghai.

What are the risks to patients for not getting the right treatment and therapy for their injuries?

The longer you don’t seek treatment the worse it can become. The main risk a person faces is their brain recovering but coming back to a body that doesn’t work properly. Therefore, the first goal is to keep the body moving. The risk from getting the wrong treatment is that the therapy may be working/targeting the wrong part of the body and not helping to fix the root of the problem.

Which factors greatly help a person’s recovery?

First, the person who is injured needs to understand that they are the one who is going to fix the problem not the therapist; we are simply the tutor. Second, having supportive family members is vital as it keeps the person motivated to improve. Lastly, willpower. The patient has to be determined to heal and to not give up.


Dr Paul Schoenle

Chief Rehabilitation Physician

Professor Paul Schoenle received his doctoral degrees in Medicine and Linguistics from the University of Tuebingen and his Habilitation in Neurology and Neuropsychology from the University of Goettingen, Medical School, in Germany. He has worked for over 25 years in neurorehabilitation as Medical Director and Chief Physician of leading German Rehabilitation Hospital.

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